Gear4 Atari Case for iPhone 5 Review

Atari, was once a household name which made billions of dollars every year. Now lives on its legacy and has a retro image attached to it and like many retro brands, they become a hipsterised style icon.

So Gear4 has partnered with Atari to create branded cases for various devices. The latest Gear4 case is for the iPhone 5 which I've been using for the last five days. This case is nearly the spitting image to the Gear4 Pop Case for the iPhone 5, what differs is the image on the case and thicker plastic on the sides.

The case is constructed from a hard plastic to create a unibody shell. It's credit card thin and as I mentioned the sides are a little thicker than found on the Pop Case. It's a great design for keeping your iPhone protected within your pocket. But high impact events aren't going to be greatly prevented.

The Atari logo is printed on the back of the case, in a slightly side swept style. It comes in either green on black or red on black. Both designs are quite striking and having a case on my 2012 iPhone 5 saying Atari is quite a novelty, call me a hipster if you will.

The edges are slightly rounded and matched with the thinness/ lightness and completely uncovered front makes the iPhone comfortable to use in the hands. However this guy is a fingerprint binge. I am constantly having to rub the case against my clothing to wipe away those smudgy marks.

The functions of the iPhone are all accessible via the cases cutouts. These include the volume rockers, mute switch, sleep/ wake button, rear camera and speaker/ thunderbolt port. The iPhone clicks into the Gear4 Atari Case very easily but the interior of the case isn't lined with padding, meaning the iPhone is lying directly on the plastic which could cause damage if dirt and muck became trapped.

The case has an RRP of £19.99 and is available to purchase for £15.07 ($19.20 in the USA) on Amazon. The case is brilliantly thin and stylishly retro. Ideal for those who want rear and side protection, while preserving the original iPhone 5 design.