iSkin Aura Case for iPhone 5 Review

Today we have a review of the iSkin Aura shell styled case for the iPhone 5. The Aura distinguishes itself from the firm competition that floods the shell case market by offering very original designs.

The rear exterior of the case is coated in dual shaded aluminium. Available in pink on sliver, orange on silver, green on silver, gold on silver, green on black, dark blue on black and black on black. The designs are very striking and stylish, we lean towards the brighter colour variants but all definitely hold unique and likeable schemes.

This exclusive design looks as if it would be uncomfortable to hold, yet it isn't at all. It's remarkably smooth and the jumps from texture to texture aren't noticeable. The corners of the case are rounded off too, so that it doesn't dig into the hands. The plastic used for the mass of the cases body is thicker than many shell cases on the market but the slim profile of the iPhone 5 is only mildly jeopardised from this. The screen and bezel are both completely exposed, leaving an uninterrupted experience.

Attaching the iSkin Aura case onto the iPhone 5 is pretty simple. Removing it is also rather effortless, we just poke a finger through the rear camera cutout which makes the iPhone and case part from one another. However the Aura is quite high on the tightness scale. It looks like the Aura is a smidgen too small for the iPhone to us, because one edge protrudes ever so slightly higher than the other side. This isn't a huge deal as the phone is firmly secured. But the case doesn't sport a fabric interior lining, so any dirt that may get into the case could damage the exterior of the iPhone from very harsh contact.

The rear camera, flash and microphone are neatly cutout. The top and bottom of the case also totally exposes the iPhone, meaning ports, speakers and the sleep/ wake button are very accessible, but completely unprotected at the same time. The volume control buttons are covered by the case and are a little tricky to locate because they're flush with the side. The mute/ rotation lock switch is cutout microscopically making that a little fiddly to operate.

Onto protection, something this case confuses itself on. The fact this is built from thicker plastic body over other shell cases means it can pack a bigger punch from drops and bumps. However the completely exposed top and bottom of the iPhone 5 concerns us with regard to scratches. Our biggest anxiety is that the screen isn't protected and is overly open, the sides of the case barely protrude above the screen. So if the iPhone was to land face down onto flat surface within the Aura, we'd be very worried for the screens safety.

To sum up the iSkin Aura for the iPhone 5 is a stylish looking case that the fashion conscious will have no trouble sporting. But the troubling to access volume controls and overly exposed top, bottom and screen may be too off putting and a hindrance to some.