iSkin Vu Case (featuring an inbuilt stand) for iPad 2 Review

The iSkin Vu case for the iPad 2 comes in three colors Bondi blue, Onyx black and Vive purple. The rear of the case is translucent and the color raps around the edge. The design looks great and reminds me of what Apple was up to throughout the G3 Mac era.

The cases construction is very solid with tough and resilient plastics used throughout. But I did find that because the construction is so tight a slight that getting the iPad into the case was tricky. And once it’s in you won’t need to worry about your iPad falling out you can’t worry about it falling out. The slim profile of the case is makes it very portable and perfect to transport in a bag. The iSkin Vu features something called Microban, this is embedded into the case and prevents growth of bacteria which in turn cause stains and odours.

Full access is given to all ports and buttons. The volume rocker and sleep & wake buttons are covered with artificial in case ones which feel very tactile when used. The 30 pin dock connector, audio jack and mute switch are covered with rubber flaps so dirt and muck isn’t going to bring harm to your iPad. The speaker is covered for protection resulting in some weaker audio. The bezel is partly exposed with the exception of the bottom front of your iPad. This is a slight annoyance because many Apps require a finger lead up from that side but it’s not too much of a problem if the App your on allows you to just turn your iPad around.

The inbuilt stand is hinged onto the back of the case and can be adjusted to any angle and go in either portrait or landscape. The iPad is kept very sturdy in both positions but unfortunately you can’t adjust the case to a typing position. I found myself using the stand for playing games and such, not things which demand a lot of keyboard use.

The protection is decent for this type of case. The iPad is hugged firmly within and mild drops and bumps are mostly absorbed from the materials of the Vu. This is a great case to have on your iPad when carrying it around in a bag.

The iSkin Vu is stylish, useful and practical. But figuring out how to incorporate a stand which is perfect for typing would be the cherry on top for me.