Speck FitFolio Case for iPad 2 Review

The variety of colours offered from Speck with the FitFolio case for iPad 2 won’t disappoint. With blue, purple, red, black and grey being offered and all colours look very sharp.

A soft leather like material is used on the exterior of the case and this feels great in the hands. The case doesn’t do the thin profile of the iPad 2 any harm either.

The iPad sits in a hard plastic shell that doesn’t cover the bezel at all so Apps and overall use of your iPad aren't restricted in any way. The shell clips itself snuggly around the iPad and it’s easily removed also. Left to the plastic shell is a felt lining which also cleans the screen and prevents it from getting scratched when the case is closed. 

Im terms of functionality all ports, buttons and the camera are cut out. The buttons are very very easy to access and use due to the cut outs being very wide. The camera is also cut out along with the the speaker, so the sound isn’t affected in any way.

To achieve different angles to view and use your iPad within the case you will need to bring the front folio part of the case to the rear of the case. This part isn’t attached half of the plastic shell making it possible to tuck the loose plastic section into four different ridges on the opposing side. This upright position is perfect for watching movies and TV Shows and your iPad stays very stable in these positions when used. An another position for typing is offered and works just as well. 

One inclusion which is a must on any folio case for the iPad 2 is the magnetic sleep and wake feature for when you open and close the case. And the Speck FitFolio doesn’t have it, instead a piece of bungee cord ties itself around an extruding piece of plastic which keeps it shut and secure but why not add the magnetic sleep and wake feature as well?

Protection is pretty good for a thin and light folio case. The front is well padded giving some absorbance to bumps and drops. The materials used are all high quality and cover the whole of your iPad, making it a perfect sort of case to drop into a bag ect.

Overall the Speck FitFolio for iPad 2 has a nice array of colour choices, a thin and lightweight design, feels comfortable and pleasant to use, great functionality, has nice viewing angle options and some pretty decent protection. But the lack of the magnetic sleep and wake feature is a real let down.