Skech Rise Case for iPhone 4 & 4S Review

The Skech Rise for the iPhone 4 & 4S is made out of hard polycarbonate with a very soft exterior coating which offers a decent amount of grip which makes this feel great in the hand especially with all of it’s corners being rounded off and the very thin profile. The color options are very nice too with all cases being offered in two tones that run into each other. Of this design skew you have a ‘blue - back’, ‘pink - black’, ‘purple - black’, ‘grey - black’ and ‘orange - yellow’. The color offerings are quite a variety and are done well.

The case splits into two parts and it’s easy enough to insert your iPhone into. Your iPhone sits upon a felt lining which prevents damage to your device. The Skech Rise holds together very well and when you want access to your 30 pin dock connector you can just rip off the bottom with ease. The plastic overlap of the two meeting points of the two parts could be a little longer for longevity though.

All features of your iPhone are easy to get to and use. A cut out is placed on the left hand side for use of the volume buttons and mute switch. The sleep and wake button has an artificial inbuilt case button on top of it so it’s protected from dust ect. The audio jack and rear camera along with flash are cut out and the case does not jeopardise from any camera quality.

Protection from the Rise is really only going to protect your iPhone from small to mild drops and bumps. The case isn’t all that thick and has very little shock absorbance. It does come with a screen protector which a bonus and makes it the perfect sort of case to keep your iPhone in your pocket especially with it’s very thin profile.

One more little thing to mention is that the case comes with a box of goodies including a very neat mini stand for your iPhone which would also work with a an iPod touch. The box also includes a cleaning cloth.

Overall the Skech Rise Case for the iPhone 4 & 4s has great functionality, charming designs and feels great to use your iPhone within.