Speck MagFolio Luxe for iPad 2 & New iPad 3 Case Review

This offering from Speck is amied at the premium end of the iPad case market. So this should be quite interesting.

The exterior of the case is genuine leather and it comes in different grains and colours. Available right now are Cognac tan brown, hunter green, burgundy and black, they all look superb. The interior of the case is lined in foam and positioned on top of the foam on the right hand side is a rubber skin which is where the iPad is held. The rubber skin raps itself slightly around the rear of the exterior, for added resistance. The overall build is top quality with precise stitching holding the case together.

The Speck MagFolio Luxe fits the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4. Getting either of the iPads in and out of the case is easy. The skin raps itself around the iPad firmly so it doesn't fall out or move around.

Access to the microphone, audio jack, camera, mute switch, speaker and 30 pin dock connector are all cut out and allow for adequate usage. All buttons are covered by the case so they are protected, the incase buttons are pleasant and easy to use. 

Opening and closing the case triggers sleep and wake and it doesn't trigger these functions when walking and moving around, which we have seen happen so many times.

To actually keep the the MagFolio firmly closed a magnetic latch is included, this wasn't necessary as the magnets triggering sleep and wake keep the case shut but Speck have made sure the case doesn't come open in any scenario. 

An infinite amount of stand positions can be achieved with the MagFolio Luxe due to the case parting half way as seen in the photo. Because the interior of this case is grippy the case stands itself up when the iPad is in. Using the iPad vertically landscape is surprisingly sturdy especially interacting with the screen. You can also stand horizontally and it works well too. The typing position works on the same principle as standing in landscape vertically, the interiors grip rests against the surface and you can adjust to your hearts content. Due to the quickness of using the case like this, it makes the that little more functional.

Protection is sufficient. The cases leather is a layer of thick protection for starters and the rubber shell adds shock protection if you were to drop your iPad. I feel safe having this case on my iPad and I keep it in a bag when traveling around, the leather on the case hasn't shown any signs of wear from doing so.

Overall Speck have pulled all the strings with the Speck MagFolio Luxe. It's superbly well made, comes in sleek designs, has brilliant protection, easy setup of stands and quick access due to magnetic sleep & wake and hinge.

Speck also have another version of this case which is vegan friendly and more wallet friendly, which is simply named the Speck MagFolio, so that might be of interest if you like this.