Crucial Gizmo High Speed Flash Drive Review

The Crucial Gizmo High Speed Flash Drive comes in just one color which is a matte black. A slight early disappointment but is redeemed by looking very tidy and neat in its design due to the thinness and lightness of the USB memory stick and at the same time it's very versatile. You could carry this around on your key chain, loose in your pocket or just have it thrown about on the desk, without a worry.

To gain access to the extruding male USB, simply pull off it's protective cap. I preferably like to use portable flash drive sticks that incorporate the mechanical flick and pop up style but this method is okay. Once open you can plug the stick into anything which accepts a USB flash drive and you're away. I found that the USB stick instantly appeared on my desktop and had very quick transfer speeds. I felt as if it was performing to the maximum of what USB 2.0 technologies can do. A 1GB file took around 1 minute to transfer and that is very quick compared to many other flash memory sticks on the market and in my draw. And taking files off seemed to be just as quick. The speed is a huge win and is clearly this flash drives killer feature.

The amount of space on my 16GB model (also in 4Gb & 8Gb) is more than enough and seems a little amazing to me. I remember when a 2GB stick was HUGE just a few years ago. One day we will have a couple of terabytes on a stick and it will be the norm. I throw movies, music, documents ect onto this with no worry with regard to how much space I have left. Previous to owning this memory stick I tended to use memory sticks as a way of quick data transfer from locations and temporary storage and I haven't been using this at all like that. It’s replaced any need I had for a portable hard drive and it fits in my pocket and neatly on a key chain.

Overall the Crucial Gizmo High Speed Flash Drive memory stick is super portable with it's thin and light weight design and incorporates a solid construction. But the killer feature is the super quick file transfer speeds.