Skech Flipper Case for iPad 2 Review

The Skech Flipper case for the iPad 2 has the incorporated Smart Cover like front with the rear of your iPad also being covered in the process. Coming in red, pink, blue, black, white and grey this case offers quite a bit of choice. All are two tone color designs for the front and back.

The front of the case is near to Identical in feel and look to the Smart Cover with the exception of the inside of smart cover having a felt lining which this doesn't. The back of the case is a polycarbonate shell and has a glossy exterior that is actually rather pleasant to touch and hold. The whole of the Flippers construction is very sturdy and rigid. 

The iPad 2 simply clips into the shell and your done. It's very easy to get your iPad in and out of this case and that highly is appreciated. You have full access to your iPads external features when it's within the case. The speaker, volume rockers, sleep/ wake button, headphone jack, rear camera, microphone and the 30 pin dock connector are all cut out of the case precisely. It makes using everything on your iPad very pleasant.

When using the case on my iPad 2 I found it to be hardly noticeable it was even on. It's very slim and light weight. The bezel of the iPad isn't covered making the experience of using it pleasurable and not distorted at all. 

Of course the smart cover like design doesn't just look the same it acts in the same way too. Once placed on top of your iPad it will go to sleep and when lifted off it will wake up. Works well and if you are like me and carry your iPad around in one hand you may have noticed that some cases which have mimicked the smart cover design trigger your iPad from sleep and wake with little movement needed. This is not the scenario with the Skech Flipper, it's very solid when walking around holding it. The other ability of the Smart Cover which we all know and love is the way you can flip it back and fold it up to create a stand for either upright or a typing position. This is exactly the same here but the magnets are a little weaker than that of the Smart Covers. I have used the case for around a week and the more you use it the less stiff it becomes making it easier to fold and stay in place.

Protection is quite good. The whole iPad is covered from scratches and small bumps and knocks. Big drops may be a bit of risk when in the Flipper but it's better than not having a case on your iPad.

The Skech Flipper for the iPad 2 is functional, sleek and slim. A very good well made case.