Case Mate Versant Case for iPad 2 Review

The Case Mate Versant comes in pink, black and brown. The exterior material used is real leather which feels ok when in use and looks sharp. The interior is coated in suede which feels really really nice and the iPad sits on top of textured suede for grip. On the opposing side away from where the iPad rests locates a nylon strap for presenting.

To get your iPad 2 into the case you will slide it in and then tuck a flap underneath the iPad. This is appalling and doesn't work in the slightest way. Your iPad isn't held securely and moves around to the extent of where you can't use the screen because it's covered by the case! The fit should have been a lot lot tighter.

The functionality is of course highly disadvantaged due to the non secured iPad. The rear camera will be covered by the case depending on it's position and the volume rockers and mute switch become cumbersome to use as they disappear into the depth of the case. The home button also disappears slightly. The only thing which is easy to use is the sleep and wake button. Speakers are covered with cut out holes resulting in muffled audio.

 Some have reviewed the Case Mate Versant and have stated that it supports the Smart Cover magnetic sleep and wake option. So once you lift the folio front your iPad awakes. This is not the case with mine and however hard I try and whatever position I put the case into I can't get it to work. You can prop the case up into multiple positions such as the typing position and a position for viewing movies ect. Each position allows for five different angles. The way it works is pretty smart two magnetic straps are attached to the back of the case one for both positions. Each strap tucks into five different slots which are located on the other side of the case and it's very secure. 

The protection is rugged but because the iPad moves around so much within the case I wouldn't like to say what could happen with big drops and traveling. Average bumps, knocks and scratches aren't really a challenge for this case though. The stitching is all spot on.

Overall the Case Mate Versant is junk.