Case Mate Gelli Case for iPad 2 Review

The Case Mate Gelli series has constantly proved itself to be one of the best skin cases on the market for the iDevices, so will the iPad 2 version also be a winner?

Every Gelli we have reviewed uses the same soft but very gripping high quality silicone and this iteration is no different. The grip lends a huge hand in making the iPad 2 stay comfortably and firmly in the hands. Four colours are currently offered and these are red, grey and pink. This is a a shame, the Gelli series usually has many more vibrant colors to choose from but this time around Case Mate sees to have toned in down. The color options aren't the end to it's exterior design. With each new Gelli a new Geometric design is permitted. The red comes with a zig zag futuristic design and the other two colors look kind of like fancy tire tracks. The designs on all three Gelli's look awesome especially as the plastic is semi translucent so the rear of the iPad and the all important Apple logo is visible. Definitely a design that helps the iPad to stand out amongst the crowds.

Getting the iPad into the case is relatively easy, it takes us less than ten seconds and all corners apply very quickly. The interior of where the iPad 2 sits uses a soft in touch rubber so the iPad doesn't scratch and is gripped inside. It does attract bits of dirt and other alien matter, so we give it a wipe every time we take the iPad in out and out of it to avoid any possible damage to our overly beloved device. The Gelli barley covers the bezel at all which is a huge positive as cases of this style which of cover the bezel restrict hand movement and can make for an awkward and unpleasant experience. Even though the Gelli isn't overly hugging the bezel it still provides a tight fit that won't fall off with erratic movement.

The volume rockers, mute switch and the sleep & wake button are all covered by the Gelli and to function them the case has inbuilt artificial buttons sitting squarely on top of the real things. They feel very satisfying to push because of the jelly silicone and behave flawlessly. The rear camera, speaker and the 30 pin dock connector are all cut out of the case. The 30 pin dock connector is large enough for the Apple charging cable to fit through but accessories like the Camera Connection Kit are disadvantaged and will require the cases bottom to be slipped to insert them. The speakers cutout was appealing as it doesn't restrict the speaker output quality in anyway, something many skin styled cases released for the iPad 2 seem to fail at.

Protection is mild. Small drops, bumps and scratches will be fended off by the Case Mate Gelli. Big drops and smacks won't be greatly reduced by having the Gelli attached though. The screen is totally exposed and the case isn't compatible with the Apple Smart Cover. The Gelli to us is an excellent case which is ideal to use when roaming around the house and other general purpose usage with the reassurance of mild rear protection.

Overall the Case Mate Gelli Case for the iPad 2 is still a winner. Very thin, light and flexible and the design is still bold although more colors would be warmly welcome. Using the iPad 2 within has been pleasant and entails a small footprint.