Coconut Dodge iPhone and iPad Game Review

The simple games are the most addictive and to fuel that addiction is to make it accessible to play anytime anywhere. This is is exactly what Coconut Dodge is.

Coconut Dodge is of course set on a dessert island somewhere in the hot Mediterranean. Your sole purpose is to take control of a crab who can move left and right on your screen. You need to move him away from coconuts which will end this little fellows life and your game if they land on him more than three times. Instead direct him to catch the treasures falling from the sky. The treasures will also project your score higher and higher which is the main point of this game. Things like the the beach ball will earn you more points. You have to dodge coconuts and make sure the beach ball bounces off your crab a certain number of times resulting in mega points.

The longer you dodge coconuts the harder it gets and in the end you'll lose your crabby friend but hopefully with a higher score than the last. Gameplay is definitely challenging and you'll be sweating within the palms of your hands in under 20 minutes. Luckily when things get really tough defence is at hand with the viking hat. The viking hat is worm by the Crab for a short duration of time defending him against coconuts and if a coconut lands on it you earn points.

Visually the game is perfect. The animation is fluid and smooth. The colors and textures are cartoony and uplifting. It looks extra good on the iPad too.

The audio is quite basic but serves it’s purpose. The sound effects are all what you’d expect, very cartoony which is in keeping. The music track on the main menu is very catchy but the music playing behind the actual game when running is slightly muffled but only with the drum beats for some reason?

The controls are pretty straight forward. You have a left and right virtual on screen buttons and a turbo button to dive out of tricky situations fast. The controls can be customised to be placed in different positions on screen if you fancy.

Overall Coconut Dodge is fun, addictive, slightly quirky and great value!