Gumdrop Drop Series for iPad 2 Review

The Gumdrop Drop Series for the iPad 2 is looking to give your iPad the ultimate where protection is concerned but does it deliver?

In terms of exterior design this thing blows the OtterBox Defender Series out of the water. Coming in four colors Red on Black, Black on Black, White on Black and Pink on White. Each color scheme looks very cool but because this case uses two layers of protection, both layers can be seen within one another in certain design elements that make it look extra special. The back is scaled in an arrow shape which also gives grip. 

The two layer design can also be three layers and is the core to the protection. The first layer is the polycarbonate shell, this is where your iPad 2 sits very securely within. The second layer is optional and this is the screen protector which clips into a polycarbonate bezel that connects itself to the first layer. The third layer is a silicone skin and this wraps itself right around the other layers. It took me around three minutes to apply which is a little bit quicker than the OtterBox Defender Series.

To use the sleep and wake buttons and volume rockers you will need to push upon artificial buttons built into the silicone skin protecting the real things. These feel very nice to use but holding the case in such a way sometimes makes the iPad go to sleep by itself and adjust it's own volume, one major flaw I think you'll agree. All cameras are cut out perfectly and the speaker is also covered with a grid made out of the silicone which unfortunately muffles the sound slightly. The 30 pin connector, audio port and mute switch are covered with flaps protecting them against dirt and damage. I found the inbuilt screen protector to be very responsive to touch just as if it was the bare screen but some of the clarity is going to be lost but you can remove the screen protector, the bezel is completely covered which also weakens the experience of using your iPad 2. The functionality is all solid until you get to the buttons which are really let down by the random button ghost movements.

Protection is the main point to this case and it rocks! The three layers of protection make it very shock absorbent and durable. Big drops are a breeze for the Gumdrop Drop Series for the iPad 2 and small drops are a joke. The screen protector is quite tough and will protect against heavy objects being dropped upon your iPad. The screen protector can be replaced as it's removable. This is perfect for the outdoors and will keep your iPad safe when using your iPad knowing it's in a safe place.

Overall the Gumdrop Drop Series for the iPad 2 is very very protective, the designs are very stylish, the case feels great to hold in the hand with it being thin and very gripping, being able to choose whether or not to have the screen protector inserted is nice. But the functionality let's it down in a major way by somehow activating the buttons of your iPad when you don't tell it to. But this is a really solid case despite the functionality problem which seriously challenges the OtterBox Defender Series for the iPad 2 especially with the price.