Case Mate Gelli for the iPad Review

If you have been reading my recent reviews you will know that I was very impressed with the Case Mate Gelli Case for the iPod Touch 2nd/ 3rd Gen. Today i’m going to be looking at the Gelli for iPad will it be as good?

The Case Mate Gelli is made out of TCP this case in comparison to the one I have for the iPod Touch is lot thicker. The thickness is to be expected when protecting such a large device like the iPad. The exterior of the case feels quite glossy but at the same time offers a lot of grip which I like. The inside is very smooth so your iPad won’t get scratched. When I apply the iPad I always place the side that has the most buttons in first because the Gelli is a tight fit and you may damage them if you put the sides with the buttons in last.

With all Gelli cases we have design elements on the back of the case. This case has two different designs to choose from a checkered (know as Checkmate) design which only comes with the grey, blue and green Gelli’s. Or you can have circles (know as Kaleidoscope) which comes in pink, tomato red and aurora orange. Both designs look great I like the brighter colors in my cases more so I am inclined to prefer the Kaleidoscope versions more. These cases are all about design!

The case has cut outs for the audio jack and microphone on the top of the Gelli and next to that we see a cut out for the sleep and wake button. On the right hand side there is a cut out for the volume rockers and mute button (orientation lock). On the bottom they have cut out space for the 30 pin dock connecter and speaker. All third party accessories worked fine when the iPad was in the case and the controls of my iPad where super easy to get too and use. However the Gelli for the iPod Touch created it’s own buttons (read the review to know what I mean) but this just cuts out a hole for where they are. I would have loved those case buttons to have been introduced here also.

In terms of protection it will protect against small drops because the case does have a bit of shock absorbency. But if you drop it with force or from high up the Gelli isn’t going to do much where protections concerned. It protects against scrapes and casual bangs really well and if you face it with the screen pointing down on a surface the cases edge protrudes a little so the screen isn’t directly resting on a surface.

Overall I am throughly impressed with the Case Mate Gelli for the iPad. I am begging to become a huge fan of the Gelli series altogether. It gives great casual protection and the functionality when using the iPad inside is fantastic, plus the Gelli feels great in the hand and keeps the iPad’s ultra think profile too.