HardCandy Cases Bubble Sleeve for New iPad (1 & 2) Review

Coming in four colors consisting of White, Black, Pink and Gold Green. All come with a black interior except the Black exterior version which is orange. I have the White where it’s exterior material is very hard but smooth in feel and lined front and back with shock absorbing rubber bubble bumpers which is also to make it look pretty cool. The two zippers go along the top, bottom and right hand side of the sleeve and work really well.

The iPad sits in four rubber corners which use velcro to attach themselves to the inside of the sleeve. This is a pretty smart design, allowing you to adjust the position and how much hold the Bubble Sleeve has. The iPad 1 & 2 are both very easy to insert into the rubber corners and the iPad 2 can easily be inserted with a skin or Smart Cover on because the rubber shapes to it. The inner material does pick up bits of dirt and dust quite easily which is a definite flaw but is simple enough to clean.

With all ports and buttons accessible when the iPad is in the Bubble Sleeve you can use the device once inserted. The rear facing camera is of course not functional and the speaker is also restricted. It’s not very comfortable to hold and use within the Sleeve but it’s an option if needed to do so. A more traditional folio case would be better suited.

Protection is what really shines through with the Bubble Sleeve. With it using the rubber inserts and bumpers on the outside you can put your iPad within and have the reinsurance to know it’s in a safe place. I can throw the case into the car, onto a sofa and leave it lying around with no needs to worry. Big drops to small this will cope which makes it perfect for travelling around with.

Overall the Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve is stylish with design and colors. Very protective but when you choose to use you iPad 1 or 2 within the Sleeve it turns ugly and makes your iPad clumsy to function but you can take it out pretty easily. I’d highly recommend for traveling!