Krusell Edge Case/ pouch for iPod touch 2nd/ 3rd Gen Review

Pouch type cases have never really hit it off with the iPod line up or iPhone line up. A very select few own them but the Edge is set to change all that.

The Krusell Edge comes in a wide variety of colors white, black, grey, cream, pink, orange, red, green, blue and yellow. Thats quite a lot of colors and they are all done beautifully, we have the red and it looks great. The exterior material of the Edge is man made leather leather and the interior feels to be a soft touch man made leather. The stitching work on the Edge is something I noticed straight away, every stitch is perfectly inline and exact leaving with a great build quality. On the back of the pouch we find a hook for fitting onto belts and bags. There is also a neck strap with a safety lock.

The opening and closing of the Krusell Edge is done by a magnetic flap. Really appreciate it being magnetic and not velcro. So how well does the iPod touch fit inside. Well it’s a perfect snug fit, interior material is also resistant against scratches but with this type of interior it attracts dirt ect which isn’t easily seen due to the creme color and can then result in scratches. When the pouch is undone and shaken upside down the iPod touch doesn’t budge, this is also because of that interior material giving great grip.

The Edge will protect against small drops and is perfect for popping into a bag and being chucked about inside but if it’s trodden on or dropped from a high distance it won’t do much to relax the landing. It’s really only for light protection and transportation and if your think you could put another case around your iPod touch while it’s in the pouch you can’t we’ve tried and it’s just too snug.

Overall the Krusell Edge Pouch is perfect for traveling about and having it within your bag and then popping out to retrieve your iPod touch, it’s also very stylish and the color choices are outstanding. It’s easier to use than the competition with a lot less fuss made so I guess it has the edge.