Case Mate barely there case for the iPod Touch 2nd/3rd Gen Review

This review may seem a little odd considering the iPod Touch 2nd/ 3rd Gen are no longer for sale but these devices are the ones that the majority of iOS users own. So those millions and millions of owners must want cases maybe because their previous case broke or maybe because they just fancy a change, so over the next few weeks I'm going to review many iPod Touch 2nd/ 3rd generation cases for you iPod Touchies.

This case is from Case Mate one of the best case manufacturers for the iPhone/ iPod Touch and iPad. I've used many Case Mate cases in the past and they've always lasted me well. The 'barely there' case (yes it has no capital letters) is another one of the snap on the back cases but what sets this apart from the others is it's fantastic designs.

The one I currently own is red on black see the unboxing video below to get a full understanding of what it really looks like. It's has a pleasant glossy finish which looks absolutely stunning when outside and indoors. Judging by the other design colors all are equally great and the paint quality is fantastic too. To put the case on you want to poke the left hand of the iPod in first because all the buttons are there and you don’t want to damage them in the installation and then it will just snap the rest of the iPod in. After doing this well over thirty times I can safely say that it hasn't scratched my iPod Touch once also the case hasn't bent or broken in any way.

The functionality of the case is good. You have the top of the iPod and bottom wide open because the case doesn't even attempt to cover these areas. Which I liked it makes it easy to turn your iPod Touch on and off plus the audio jack and dock connector are very assessable due to this design meaning you can use all the accessories that take advantage of the 30 pin dock connector because there is no lack of room. The one flaw I found was the cut out section on the left hand side for the volume rockers. The cut out feels as if it missed the volume rockers leaving them difficult to use because they are so out of place. This may be due to the iPod Touch’s super slim design making it difficult to create such functionality but it’s awkward none the less.

If you drop your iPod on the floor your not going to have 100% protection inside the 'barely there’. Even though the plastic is not very thick, it is at a great quality which will protect against casual knocks and bumps fine and makes the back of your iPod look cool at the same time. But if you drop this from some distance against the floor your not going to resist much damage from the iPod Touch.

Overall the case is at a great value of $10 plus there is a screen protector for your iPod Touch's screen which I haven't used yet but it's good that's it's included. The 'barely there' feels really comfortable in the hand and keeps the nice slim curve of your iPod.