Otterbox Reflex Series for iPod touch 4th Gen (4G) Review

The OtterBox Reflex Series for the iPhone 4 was a hugely popular here and so we are very excited to see the Series make the jump to the iPod touch.

Coming in either a stylish blue, black or pink, the Reflex series makes sure you get noticed. The Reflex uses a mixture of plastic and rubber on the exterior. I really like the way the Reflex feels within the hand and in use, it's curves and rubber/ plastics make it feel very comfortable and thin

To get your iPod touch into the Reflex you'll need to snap the case into two parts and slide the iPod into one of those parts and then slide the second part remaining back onto your iPod. A fabric material covers some of the interior protecting your iPod from scratches. The two part design works really well. With a lot of two parts design cases the connection in the middle wears away rather quickly which can make it fall apart in your pocket and leave a gap within the two parts leaving your device sloppy inside. So I'm happy to tell you the Reflex doesn't suffer from any of these symptoms.

The functionality of buttons and ports is all done well. The sleep/ wake button and volume rockers are covered by the cases artificial buttons which are all in rubber, they feel nice to use and are just as responsive as the real things. The camera, audio jack, the speaker and 30 pin dock connector are all cut out within the case. The dock connector has enough space for the charging cable but some accessories won't fit through, but it's so easy to unattach the bottom piece of the case, this shouldn't be a concern.

Protection is flawless. With the bulk of the Defender Series from OtterBox would have added to your iPod touch in comparison to this is just insane. The Reflex will out out against big drops onto concrete ect and little drops. Knocks and bumps when in your pocket or in a bag are no challenge for this case either. The Defender and Commuter Series are definitely not the cases I'd recommend to most of you who want a protective case for your iPod touch anymore. I'd now recommend the Reflex Series due to it's thinness. The reason for this crazy protection on such a thin and light case is all down to it's design being like a crumple zone on a car. It's surrounded in cushions of air which take the hits against itself lightly.

Overall the OtterBox Reflex Series for the iPod touch 4th Generation is stylish, nice to use in the hand, very very slim, has functionality which works well and the protection is insane!