Acase Superleggera Fit Case iPod touch 4th Gen Review

I quite liked the Acase Superleggera Fit Case for the iPhone 4 so the Superleggera for the iPod touch 4th generation should be very interesting.

What comes with the Superleggera is always very impressive. We receive a cleaning cloth, 2 screen protectors and an appliance tool for attaching the protectors. It really is nice to see so much come with the case, it’s not just good value it’s good service. 

The actual case has a soft rubber coating which is anti-fingerprint and has amazing grip on surfaces. The grip is especially impressive when you consider how light the iPod touch 4th Generation is. The case snaps on and fits the iPod nicely with it’s 0.7 mm thickness and feels really nice in the hand keeping the curve of the iPod touch.

Protection is going to be very miniature here. The case is so thin that the protection offered is going to be very limited for the back of the iPod touch. Small drops your likely to get away with but big drops your not stopping much from getting in the way. It does keep your iPod from being scratched and made dirty, the screen can be protected if you choose to use the Acase screen protectors included within the box. The Superleggera for the ipod touch is perfect for ‘pocket use’.

Overall the Superleggera for the iPod touch 4th Generation is fantastic at keeping the thin sleek profile of your iPod and it does offer scratch resistance along with small bumps and drops, the functionality is decent also.