Mobee Magic Bar for the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad Review

A few months back we got our hands on the Mobee Magic Charger for the Apple Magic Mouse. It was a very solid product and we awarded the gadget five stars. Since then Mobee have worked out a way to bring there wireless charging technology to the Apple Wireless Keyboard with the Magic Bar.

The Mobee Magic Bars box contains the Magic Bar, a battery pack and a USB cable. The first thing to notice about the Magic Bar is that it's made out aluminium which of course matches the Wireless Keyboard and your Mac if it's exterior body is aluminium. The battery pack will only work with Apple Wireless keyboards which hold two AA's something well worth noting. The battery pack simply slides into the top of your keyboard and the top with extrude slightly outwards as this is where it makes the connection to charge with the Magic Bar. Mobee have tried so hard to make this look like an actual Apple product and it does. The design is so minimalistic and simple to use. Even the USB cable looks like an official Apple one.

So to to charge your keyboard you simply plug the USB into the Magic Bar and then the other end into your Mac. Then you just place your keyboard onto the Magic Bar and it begins to charge via inductive charging. And you can even use the keyboard while it's charging. Definitely very simple to do and charging from flat takes around 6 hours but I just do short bursts of charging because when I'm not using the keyboard I place it onto the Magic Bar which works great for me. I leave my Magic Bar on my desk and for this reason if I had a MacBook I don't think this product would suit me. It really only is useful if your stationary, I wouldn't want to have to carry this around with me everywhere, carrying two spare AA's would be simpler.

Using the keyboard is just as responsive as normal with two AA’s. Typing to syncing is no different which is good. The battery lasts for around a month with my usage. I have to point out that Apple have really done a fantastic job with both the Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard as they literally sip the battery which is why it lasts for such a huge amount of time.

Also the Magic Bar works with the Magic Trackpad. I haven't got a Magic Trackpad yet so I can't confirm anything about the integration with that device. Another thing to point out is you will save money by using this as you will no longer need to purchase the constantly increasing AA batteries from stores plus your helping the environment by not throwing them away.

Overall the Mobee Magic Bar does what it claims. It charges wirelessly, it's easy to set up and use, it suits Apple products very well with a sleek Apple like design and the battery lasts for ages.