Targus Click-in Case for iPad 2 Review

This is a quality black leather-like slim-line case from the supreme case makers Targus. It includes the all-important sleep/wake function which, of course, means your iPad  2 will shut down when the case top is down and save battery usage.  

From the moment you unpack it there is a feeling of quality and durability about this Targus case. Although covered in a hardwearing and attractive looking material the back is a soft-lined hard shell which clicks firmly onto the iPad and protects it well. The necessary cut-outs for speaker, headphone socket, volume controls, on/off switch, rear camera, microphone and charging port are perfectly positioned and there is a nice touch in the microphone corner where the shiny hard shell is showing, giving the back of the iPad an attractive embellishment. This continues around the very edge of the back cover and does add to both the design and actual strength of the materials used.

The inside of the screen cover is made out of a soft material and seems to help clean the screen in a similar way to the Apple covers although Targus make no such claim. The attractive stitching running around the outside is fine and perfect. The cover also folds back and works as a stand. In the lower position the stand is very firm and works perfectly. We found it was not as well balanced as some fold-back covers when in the vertical position but it does work; you must just be cautious not to overbalance it. One other point we noticed is that when carrying the iPad in this case the iPad occasionally turns on and off. Both these small problems could probably be ironed out with stronger or larger magnets in the appropriate area of the case. It is something we have noticed with other non-Apple covers which work in this way.

However, for a quality click-on case which protects and covers the back and front of the iPad 2, has a really nice feel and looks excellent, this is the case to go for.