STM Revolution Laptop Backpack/ Bag Review

The STM Revolution Backpack is designed to keep all your electronic gear protected and easy to transport. Plus it comes in two colors black and orange.

Firstly I think I should let you know how much you can fit inside the Revolution. I have had an iPad 2, MacBook, iPhone, iPod touch, three pairs of headphones, five chargers, Canon T3i/600D, two DVDs, Magic Mouse, a Pico Projector, an iMaingo X and a Coca Cola. That's quite a lot I think you'll agree. And to fit all that you'll need a lot of compartments which we definitely do have here.

The main section is at the rear of the bag which can fit what ever you desire. You can fit a huge amount here and this is the perfect part to put things like sketch books and documents. Within this section you have a sub compartment and on the back of that a sleeve for your iPad and that works really well and accepts cases attached. The actual sub compartment is designed for your laptop which for me is a MacBook but it's a 13 inch screen and the placement built for laptops works with bigger screens better. My MacBook wasn't completely cuddled by the compartment, it wasn't mega loss but if you could adjust this part a little would be so much more peace of mind friendly. Having said that it is cleverly designed for what it is, if you just throw the bag on the floor or happen to drop it the laptop is a little risen within the air protecting it and your laptop is suffocated in padding.  Talking of the padding which is all over the bag and very thick and will protect your goods but also each section of the bag is very stiff which also helps everything stay in place and not move about.

The front section is filled to the brim with sub sections which include an array of pockets for things like headphones, SD Cards, iPods ect and then you have a medium sized compartment directly behind the pockets and in front of all that another huge pocket is positioned. When we look at the outside of the STM Revolution pacifically at the front we have yet another pocket which is really nicely padded protecting products against scratches. To either side of the bag drink holders are strapped on. One inclusion which I won't ever need but will be very useful for some is a water resistant cover for super heavy rainfall, that's located tightly at the bottom of the bag via velcro which again adds to whole defence for shock absorbance when kept at the bottom. To use the cover you simply wrap it around the bag but once applied you can't access anything from the inside but why would you want to when it's raining so hard?

Getting things out is pretty easy, the zippers are snappy and placement of bigger things like my iPad and MacBook are in there own compartments so it's a zip and grab situation. But with things like my Pico Projector and iMaingo X they just seem to get lost within the bag. The pockets are useful for keeping cables and headphones in one place and conveniently accessible.

Actually wearing the bag over the shoulders is really pleasant. The padding is very thick along the shoulders straps and the rear of the bag against your back which is great because once you load it up like me the weight just makes the bag more comfy to wear and the weight is very well distributed due to the ergonomic design. Also this may sound surprising considering how much you put inside the Revolution but the bag isn't the biggest in the world, it's quite a good size and is perfect for taking on a plane or having in the car or on the bus.

Overall the STM Revolution is an awesome bag for those on the go and want pretty much all technology gear in one place. Accompanied by superb padding equalling awesome protection and convenient compartments make this the best pack pack designed around gadgets.