Mobee Magic Feet Review

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Wireless inductive charging is all about convenience, and when Mobee released the Mobee Magic Charger for the Apple Magic Mouse and then the Mobee Magic Bar for the Apple Wireless Keyboard, it did strike us that it would make sense if these products were rolled into one. And Mobee have done just that. It's an all-in-one wireless charging solution called the Mobee Magic Feet, and it allows an Apple Wireless Keyboard or Apple Magic Trackpad and two Apple Magic Mice all to charge at once.


The Mobee Magic Feet is a very Apple-like looking product. Mobee use aluminium and white glossy plastics to replicate Apple's design ethos and this allows the products to merge into people's Apple desktop environments. The Magic Feet is streamlined and is designed to sit underneath an iMac or Apple Display, surrounding the aluminium stand. Mobee have also chosen to scatter four USB 2.0 ports around the Mobee Magic Feet which are suitable for charging devices too.

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Battery Packs & Value

Unlike other Mobee charging products we've previously reviewed, the Magic Feet uses an AC wall plug for power, with a range of wall pins included for use throughout the world. The Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse AA batteries will be replaced by Mobee slide-in battery packs. These have the inductive charging facilities inbuilt too. It's very nice to have inbuilt battery packs which can be continually recharged, and it does save money against using disposable AA batteries. But the savings will be unlikely to ever recoup the total cost of the Mobee Magic Feet, retailing on for $149.99 and around £120 on You're really paying for pure convenience and ease of use here. But we did feel that the Mobee batteries lasted longer than high capacity AA batteries, although exactly how long is very difficult to measure. We've gone a month of fairly intensive usage without charging either the keyboard or the mouse. Actually we've had the Magic Feet for around a year and the depreciation of the batteries hasn't become apparent yet, Mobee claim they can be fully charged 500 cycles before depreciation occurs.

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Charging the keyboard and mouse is very straightforward; simply place a mouse on either the left or right top of the Mobee Magic Feet. The keyboard sits in the Mobee Magic Feet and can be used whilst charging. The way we used the Mobee Magic Feet was to charge our mouse and keyboard in spurts when we weren't using them, like when at lunch. But to fully charge a device from flat takes a drawn out ten hours. One thing the Mobee Magic Bar totally eliminates is that horrible feeling when the batteries run out on either your keyboard or mouse and you just can't find any spares and have to sacrifice another device to gain your necessary power. The Mobee Magic Feet has three LED indicators on the unit. When a device is charging it blinks green and when it's fully charged it'll turn a solid green. When the devices aren't charging, the Magic Feet's LEDs glow red, which some may find distracting.

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Anyone purchasing just one of the individual Mobee charging solutions, charging either the Apple Magic Mouse or Apple Wireless Keyboard, will likely crave the other Mobee charger. So the Mobee Magic Feet is a tidy, attractive and helpful all-in-one answer for charging your Apple desktop keyboard, mice and trackpads.

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