Powermat 2X (Wireless Charging) Review

So what is the Powermat? Powermat is in essence a clean easy way to charge your mobile devices so it reliefs you from the burden of all those charging cables. 

The mat is black on top where you place your devices and black on the bottom. Right around the side of the top there is a silver bezel. The Powermat 2X is very very slim being about 1cm in thickness. It is also very light but the bottom of the Powermat has four rubber grips so it doesn’t slide around. The materials used feel sturdy and the overall product is definitely well made.

The ‘Powermat 2X’ has room for two devices to be charged. Some have thought that this is wireless charging like our wireless internet, so wherever you are in room ect the Powermat charges through the air. This is not the case but companies are working on this concept throughout the world. It works through magnetics, so you can use a Powermat case and put it onto say your iPhone and now you can charge your iPhone on the Powermat because the case has a receiver which interacts with the mat. 

This Particular Powermat comes with whats called the ‘Universal Powercube’ which includes a receiver with a fold up cable and you can place a whole range of inputs onto the end of the cabel. Such as the DSi, PSP, Samsung phones, LG Phones and Apple iPod’s and iPhone’s ect. This allows you to charge practically anything simply and easily and the Universal Powercube comes with a storage facility for putting the connectors into for traveling about with them.

The Powermat is very minimalist which is always a good thing. No buttons, switches or lights are found on the mat. You just place your device on and it starts charging, it’s that simple. We have tried the Powermat receiver case for both the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 2G/ 3G and the concept works really well. The cases gives full access to the volume rockers, sleep and wake buttons, audio jack and you can also plug in accessories through the bottom of the case so you can use the 30pin connector. The cases are pretty decent but feel a little odd in the hand due to that extruding receiver on the back. But if you were to constantly put this to work on your device daily it would be easy to get use to and would protect your device very well. I have had mine in my pocket for a week now and being able to just plonk my iPhone 4 onto the Powermat and it just charges, is a world a change.

Charging times appear to be quicker than that of my Dock. From no battery at all it takes around an hour to fully charge my iPhone 4, other devices such as iPod’s charge just as quickly. And the Powermat 2X allows me to charge two devices at once which is definitely great for those who charge their iPhone’s or other devices at night because now they can do it from the same place losing the chords also.

Overall the Powermat 2X is a fantastic product. It’s very affordable, costing less than a desk dock. Coming with the Universal Powercube is a huge bonus also because you can charge practically every big brand mobile device with it. So if you want convenient, fast and spacious charging the Powermat 2X is a must.