Mobee Magic Charger Review

This is one of those products that comes along and changes the way you have done something for say the last ten years. The Mobee Magic Charger proposes to 1. give your Apple Magic Mouse a battery pack and 2. make it easy to charge. Does it deliver?

The exterior design of the Mobee Magic Charger is very Magic Mouse like. The Magic Charger is made out of plastic with an aluminium like look surrounding the bottom and on top it’s covered in a white glossy plastic, again very similar to the Magic Mouse. The front sits LED indicators (red for standby, blinking green for charging and constant green for fully charged). Around the back you can plug in a USB cable to power the Magic Charger. The cables other end which plugs into your Mac has an identical USB male end as the iPod and iPhone charging cables did a few years ago?

The second part of all this is the battery pack that sits inside your Magic Mouse where the traditional AA’s go. This fits and lines up perfectly but your Apple plate which covers the AA’s is now no longer needed due to the battery pack having it’s own attached. This is a slight negative I have about this not because the Apple logo has now disappeared but because the aluminium is a different shade of colour to the rest of the Magic Mouse.

So how does all this work? Similar to the Powermat technology this uses wireless charging. Wireless charging isn’t just pleasant on the eye because it reduces clutter in most cases but it’s fast at charging too. The Magic Charger sits on my desk in front of my iMac. When my iMacs asleep I place my Magic Mouse onto the Magic Charger and walk away. To receive a full charge from a drained mouse, it will take roughly three to four hours. But when i’m not using my Magic Mouse I just put it onto the Magic Charger. 

I did go cold turkey with my Magic Mouse, so I fully charged the battery pack and didn’t recharge it until it was completely drained and I was going to state how many weeks it lasted me. But my usage was so varied it just wasn’t fair. But because some of you might also be like this I got three weeks out of it. But this definitely isn’t  accurate for most.

Using the Magic Mouse with the Mobee battery pack inside felt no different to using AA’s in terms of performance that is. But in terms of weight it feels as if there is no batteries inserted which is very difficult to get used to. Also worth noting if you’d like to have a couple more battery packs you can purchase them on Mobee’s website for $29.90.

Overall I found the Mobee Magic Chargers technology to work really well. It’s very convenient and it looks sleek on my desk too. But it also saves money from buying and throwing away batteries and I think this is going to be one of the biggest reasons for owning the Magic Charger. So in short if you own a Magic Mouse this is definitely worth considering.