Mathmos Blimp LED light Review

The Blimp light is designed by Mathmos and is extremely unique. 

It is made from mouth blown glass which has a frosted white look to it, so you can’t see inside of it. The shape is very flying saucer like which makes it look futuristic. The build is also very impressive, I actually dropped the light on a solid floor with no carpet or anything preventing the drop and it didn’t crack, chip or anything. Plus the glass isn’t actually that thick due to it having to let the light from the LED’s through which makes it even more impressive.

Just like the other Mathmos light I reviewed this seems to change to just as many colors. From red to purple to blue to green to orange ect. I am sure that this has several different coloured LED’s inside but they must help each other out to get such consistent colors changes ect. To turn the light off you just press down on the top and you repeat that to turn it on. You can also use it via a USB cable but they don’t supply one with the Blimp which is a shame so I just used the one from the Jelly of course it also comes with an AC plug.

Overall I really liked this light, it looks great pretty much anywhere and is very bright, also the glow it produces gives of a nice mood.