Otterbox Defender Series for iPod Touch 2nd/ 3rd Gen Review

If you want a tremendous amount of protection for your iPod Touch 2nd/ 3rd Generation (2G-3G) then look no further. 

The Otterbox Defender series does just as the name suggests defend your iPod Touch against evil. The case is made up of three layers. A hard shell is the first layer which holds the iPod Touch, the shell has a built in screen protector making up the second layer of protection. The third layer is a silicone jacket which wraps around everything else giving the case super protection and a nice feel in the hand. However the silicone really picks up dirt quite a bit. We did however find the case very easy to apply onto the iPod.

The functionality is a clever one. Every element of the iPod Touch is covered when in the case, the audio jack and all have flexible easy to remove inserts from the silicone case. This is to keep muck and dirt from entering the iPod. In terms of buttons the case has created it’s own. You have two very nice silicone buttons for the volume rockers and the same goes for the sleep and wake rocker. The buttons are still just as functional.

Actually using the iPod Touch’s screen isn’t as bad as we imaged it would be, due to the inbuilt screen protector. You don’t get any of that fuss regarding bubbles, which is an occurane with self adesive protectors. We got used to the feel of the plastic protector quickly. Two bad points we noticed were the sometimes very noticeable crystallised glare. And the bezel of the iPod is completely covered, hindering the usablity.

In terms of protection Otterbox have gone all out on this case, they even have a see through cut out covered in plastic for the Apple logo on the back of the iPod Touch. If the iPod is dropped within this case, big drops from 8 meters to smaller drops this really has the iPod  covered. All those layers the case is built out of really offers a superb protection.

Overall this is by far the most protective and robust case we have used for the iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd Generation. It may add bulk to the device which some may not like, but the protection for a lot of people who work in the industrial field and just want a peace of mind, will love it. It is also a very nice case to use and the prices found on Amazon below are very good.