Mathmos Jelly LED Light Review

Mathmos produce literally all the kinds of lights you could ever want or imagine in some cases. 

The Mathmos Jelly looks like a retro jelly hence the products title. The whole outer shell is made out of plastic which makes it very very light so it’s easy to transport from one location to another. On the top of the light we see an on and off/ pause squiggly button which works on a mechanism at the bottom of the light by pushing down on it, I did actually quite take to that. The button looks identical to the on and off button on all Macintosh computers. Overall the light does looks very unusual which is why I think it’s great.

To power the light we have two options because it comes with both AC plug and a USB cable. I went down the USB route and have the light sitting next to my iMac powered via it’s USB port, great ability. The actual light comes from several different coloured LED’s another fantastic advantage because LED’s are both very bright but are also very inexpensive to run. The colors that the Jelly has to offer are Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow and purple. I think the light uses multiple LED’s to create some of these colors and the transition from one color to the next is seamless.

Overall the Mathmos Jelly is more of an novelty light than a light you purchase for lighting up a specific area. None the less this thing looks very cool on my desk when it’s dark. The only complaint I do have is that it could be a tad brighter.