HardCandy Cases Candy Convertible for iPad Review

The very first thing your going to notice about this case is the huge amount of resemblance it has with Apple’s own folio iPad case thats not to to say that this isn’t a great case also though.

This comes in two colors red and black, I have the black. The whole exterior of the case is covered in a Nubuck material which I really did like. The case is very slim to keep the profile of your iPad, the front is much thicker than the back but the back holds the iPad which keeps it sturdy. The Nubuck gives great grip and feels nice to hold when in use. On the left of the inside it is totally covered in Nubuck and near the bottom we have a place to put business cards but on the opposing side we have a really nice felt material for where the iPad sits.

To get the iPad in the case you slide it through a flap, the flap is then tucked under the iPad to keep it secure and it defiantly does just that. The case doesn’t cover the bezel so when using the iPad you don’t loose any of the experience when in the Candy Convertible.

In terms of functionality all the buttons and ports are slightly recessed within the case so they won’t get damaged. You have full access to the volume rockers, sleep and wake button, audio jack and of course the 30 pin connector which I had a little trouble with regarding accessories so be warned.

You can use the Candy Convertible in two different viewing angles. One for typing which worked really well and was the perfect height for my hands and the other viewing angle is upright for watching video or looking at a photo slide show ect.

The protection of this case is great for putting in your bag or leaving on a surface but for big drops this isn’t going to do much in terms of standing in the iPad’s way. It’s defiantly light protection especially with the material being so thin.

Overall I think the Candy Convertible looks very stylish and the material used feels great when in use, the two positions that you can use your iPad in are also nice. For some the thinness of the case will be very off putting however I like that aspect because it keeps a nice thin profile.