Acase Superleggera Fit Case For iPhone 4 Review

I’m sure a lot of you have heard much talk in recent weeks about the ‘Acase Superleggera’ for the iPhone 4. Lets see what this is all about shall we?

The ‘Superleggera’ is made from polycarbonate with Rotts for environmental protection. The case feels like a great build but the real kicker here is the fact that they coated it in durable skid-proof and anti-fingerprint rubber coating and boy does this work well.

The reason I got so excited by the fact that the rubber coating works so well is that I leave my iPhone on the table and I have a new kitten that loves to knock it about like a toy. In my previous case which was $49 the thing just flew across my wooden table with a kick of the paw now it gets traveling as little as 5 cm. This is a huge relief for me. My previous case also claimed that it had an anti-skid coating.

So the anti-skid coating has been well and truly tested and works flawlessly. You may be wondering whether the coating is noticeable within the hand and of course it is. They coated the whole case which keeps the iPhone nice and snug inside. Now what about that fingerprint resistance, it works fine also with both light and dark versions of the case. You can’t make it show a fingerprint however hard you try.

Now coming onto the functionality of the case. Once your iPhone 4 is inside you can use all the exterior buttons on the device like the volume rocker and mute button, the sleep button up top is accessible which is the norm on cases nowadays. You also have whole on the back for the camera but something I quite liked and I know isn't a first on a case but is still quite rare is the fact they left space on the right hand side for the sim card to be removed.

The only problem I ran into was the fact that they didn’t put a big enough hole up top for the audio jack, this means many of your headphones wont be able to fit into your iPhone 4 once within the ‘Superleggera case’. A major draw back!

Overall the design of the case looks fantastic and it has such a thin profile making it look even better on your iPhone 4. It comes in a huge amount of colors so there is something for everyone here. But the real question and the main purpose of the case is protection and does it protect the iPhone 4 and the simple answer is yes. The iPhone 4 has remarkable build quality but if you drop it in or out this case its going to get damaged whether you like it or not and thats when bigger cases come into play. But this the ideal case for a having your iPhone 4 in your pocket within. It will protect the device against keys casual banging around ect. If your also wondering about the  screen they included a front screen projector along with a cleaning cloth within the box also. 

It’s a very low price for a great quality case in so many colors with so much that also comes within he box. If you fancy one of these cases for free just Tweet to us on Twitter and we will get a case to you ASAP.