Phantom Skinz Ultra Clear Matte-Finish for iPhone 4/ 4S Review

The Phantom Skinz Ultra Clear for the iPhone 4 is a ‘screen only kit’. Inside the package you will receive two matte screen protectors, installation instructions and an application tool.

First off, if your not a fan of the Matte look on your screens this isn’t for you. The main selling point for this product is those that don’t like the glossy iPhone 4 screen and prefer a matte finish.

The material of which the protector is made of is a very high quality, it isn’t a static solid object. There is quite a bit of movement you can produce from pulling one of these, it’s very rubbery. Of course this translates into great protection against scratches ect. 

To apply these protectors your going to need water, I really don’t like having to use water in the process of applying any protector. You will remove the protector place on your iPhone’s screen sticky side down and then use the appliance tool to get everything looking perfect. It did work fine and left a my screen appearing as if it was matte from the get go.

When in use the protector acted and looked fine. I could use my iPhone just like a could without it on, there was no loss in experience at all.

Overall I would highly recommend this product for those who crave a matte screen and the added protection is always a nice bonus. Myself prefers the glossy look, it makes images, video and well everything look more awesome.