OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad Review


Want to keep your iPad protected and I mean protected?

The OtterBox Defender Series for the iPad packs some serious protection. The case is made up of three layers (well can be) you have a hard shell which is then covered with a silicone jacket and if you choose to, you can use an extra piece of plastic to attach to either the front or back of the case this also has other uses which I’ll get into later on. If you want to protect the screen, OtterBox have included a protector and a very nice cleaning cloth.

To get your iPad in the case you will need to split the shell into two pieces and then slide your iPad in and reattach the shell, place the silicone wrap all around. This process took me a around a minute to complete primarily because the iPad is so big. This isn't the sort of case you can quickly whip on and off. The case offers a huge amount bulk within it's focus of delivering protection and holding the iPad within it can get fidgety with long durations of usage. The interior of case is lined within a soft fabric preventing scratches and damage to the rear of the iPad. 

Functionality is very impressive with the Defender Series for the iPad considering the case covers practically the entire iPad. You have silicone buttons for the volume rockers and mute button and also the sleep and wake button. I love the silicone buttons, they work and feel so great. We have a silicone flap for the audio jack on top to prevent dirt and dust from getting in. On the bottom where the 30 pin connector lives, OtterBox have done something very clever. To access the 30 pin connector for charging and docking you remove the bottom piece of the case by sliding it off. I really like this design because you can dock your iPad and use it with any kind of accessory because there is nothing to get in the way of it. When you don’t need to gain specific access to the 30 pin dock connector you can just put the bottom piece back on.

The extra piece of plastic I mentioned earlier is very useful it doesn’t just add an extra layer of protection you can use it as a stand, the angle isn’t the best for typing but for viewing movies and photos it’s perfect for.

Protection is not even worth thinking about when your iPad is in the Defender case, free your mind from the anxiety of ‘what if's’ and just enjoy your iPad. If you drop your iPad within the case from a huge height it will survive easily, the shock absorbency is very impressive indeed. So little drops, bumps ect are obviously easily dealt with when your iPad is in the OtterBox Defender Series case. 

A fantastic iPad case for those who need serious rugged protection and maintain usability.