Gumdrop Moto Skin for iPod Touch 4th Gen Review

The Gumdrop Moto Skin is a silicone Skin for the iPod Touch 4th generation or (iTouch 4).

The case is strictly a ‘wrap around’ style with no screen protectors included within the box. It’s made from silicone which has a very plasticly oily feel to it, some may really like this feel in their cases due to the fact that there not finger print prone. The whole exterior of the case is textured which helps with grip in our hands and on surfaces. The textures are close enough so that when you hold your iPod Touch 4th generation within the case it doesn’t dig into your hand.

The inside of the case is a matt finish just as the outside so your iPod Touch won’t scratch when going into the case or being taken out. The functionality is well done, we see a cut out on the back for the camera and microphone and just above that a cut out for the sleep and wake button. On the right hand side they have cut out a whole slot for the two individual volume rockers. On the bottom it seems a little stupid we see a cut for the 30 pin connector (you can use accessories just fine with your ipod Touch in the case) and a separate cut out right next door on the left for the audio jack. They should have just cut out right across? Overall I found all buttons and connector easy to access and use.

Your iPod Touch is very easy access when in the case however due to the iPod’s thin bezel the case covers it for grip which is quite annoying because playing games and using the iOS takes a huge hit in usability from this. There are many instances I find myself wanting to drag my finger from the bezel onto the screen. Apart from that the FaceTime camera and mic is wide open and so is the home button with the case attaching itself either side of it.

In terms of protection the Moto Skin has quite a lot of shock absorbance. If you drop this from some height and it lands onto it’s back you shouldn’t have to worry, this is all down to the textures that cover the exterior of the case. The case is very protective and the front is also protected from most things due to the case covering the bezel slightly lifting the screen from laying directly on surfaces. The quality of the silicone is great and very thick because of the textures.

Overall the case is very very protective, the style of it may not be to everyones taste but that helps it be such a good body guard for your iPod Touch 4th Generation.