HardCandy Cases Bubble Slider for iPhone 4 Review

The HardCandy Bubble Slider is a hard shell style case coming in a wide variety is choice.

First thing I noticed about this line of cases is the packaging. HardCandy have put a lot of effort in how we open and get greeted by the case. See the unboxing video below to know what I mean. The cases come in many colors red, pink, blue, black, white and a special edition I believe because that case is not on the site which is metallic silver. My personal favourite is the red.

It’s called the Bubble Slider because the cases exterior has many indented round holes within the polycarbonate construction. This design makes it look very stylish but is also helps with grip a great deal. The cases exterior is ‘soft touch’ basically it has that matt plasticly feel on the outside which is very common now on cases, it also helps with grip and dirt. The inside of the case has two rubber slide strips equally distanced apart. These prevent the iPhone 4 from scratching on entrance and exit and it appears to work quite well, it keeps your iPhone 4 lifted above the interior by a tiny distance which isn’t noticeable at all.

To actually get the iPhone within the case you will need to snap the bottom of the Bubble Slider off via a sliding mechanism and then enter the iPhone and reattach the bottom of the case. This snap on design works fantastically and it’s built very well which is very hard to say for many other case manufactures doing similar case designs.

The accessibly of the case is really good. You have cut outs for your volume rockers, audio jack, sleep and wake button and 30 pin connector. On the back of the bubble Slider we see a cut out for the camera and microphone also. I have to say that the cut outs are top notch, you don’t get saw fingers accessing the buttons like many other cases. They have perturbed the cut outs so your finger slopes with the button making them a pleasure to use.

The protection is good for a case of this type. It really only protects against small drops and bumps, any major high up drops from say ten metres and above your going to be brick it (excuse the pun). Most people don’t ever drop devices that far up so this case would do for them. The shock absorbance really helps as well, the Bubble Slider appears to be built out of two shells which would result in this. It’s really great for pocket use keeping your iPhone well protected. However HardCandy didn’t include a screen protector in the box so you might need to worry about that but i’m rocking mine naked and it’s fine. 

Overall this is a great case, very stylish and in keeping with the thinness of the iPhone 4. Also it offers great protection setting it apart from many other cases of this nature.