Cyber Acoustics iCover case for iPad Review

I was very impressed with Cyber Acoustics Digital Docking Speaker for the iPod and iPhone so I wonder what I will make of their case for the iPad?

The case is a portfolio style (book style) which I really take to. The exterior material is real leather which has it’s pluses and negatives. The leather is of an exceptional quality and I mean exceptional. The exterior leather is also kitted out with padding underneath, the padding is very thick and helps to give the case a really great feel. The stitching is also something that really stood out to me, every stitch is perfect and I have seen some really awful stitching done by machines many times on these kinds of cases.

This really does look like a portfolio you could easily pick this up unaware there were no papers and documents inside. The inside has a felt finish which is most welcomed due to it not scratching the iPad on entrance and exit. We see an elastic strap on the right of case inside which is there for holding the case up with your hand to demonstrate something to someone or to wrap around a car head rest for watching a film.

The iPad sits inside a rubber shock absorbent skeleton which is a fantastic design. The iPad just snaps in around the rubber corners of the skeleton. The skeleton holds the iPad vey snugly and very securely, the design is fantastic.

Im terms of functionality all ports and buttons are accessible because the sides are all wide open. Again the buttons are very very easy to access and use due to the skeleton design. To use the iPad within the case at different angles you have a semi loose strap of tight leather on the back which you tuck the side of the case which isn’t holding the iPad into. You can two angles a 90 degree angle which is perfect for typing and another upright position perfect for watching movies and TV Shows.

The protection this is going to give your iPad is far superior to other leather cases of this nature on the market. It's thick padding and skeleton shell which the iPad sits in really help contribute towards great protection from drops, scrapes and it comes into it;‘s own when traveling. 

Overall the iCover is the best leather book style/ portfolio case on the market. It's highly protective, looks great and the iPad is very functional within.