SunGod PaceBreakers Sunglasses Review

SunGod PaceBreakers Sunglasses

The SunGod PaceBreakers are designed for the faster paced adventurers. Cyclists, runners, climbers and perhaps even light skiers are supposed to find a lot to get excited about here. Touting a versatile design and stellar optic credentials wrapped up in a personalised style for £85, we’ve taken them on some quite literally bracing expeditions to allow them to prove it.



Total customisation of frame, lenses, logos and ear socks is made simple, thanks to the realtime online designer tool which shines as the core of the SunGod charm, and our customised pair showed up the next day at the studio. Upon sliding them out of their soft sleeve, which is well-designed for storage when not on your head, we were firstly startled by the feather-light 27g weight, and then by the seeming brashness of our 4KO Pace Fire lens choice. The concern was really instilled because this design is all lens (2mm polycarbonate core) with the left and right conjoined. Yet upon sporting them outdoors in situ, and hastily checking any vague reflection on offer to make sure they look befitting, our anxieties were extinguished as they blend into the appropriate wear and activity rather well. So we’d recommend the bolder choice, and not to forget the tint is different in terms of the printed image, something which is divulged later. One tidbit of thought to offer is the fact that we wouldn’t be happy to sit on the PaceBreakers and thus cause them to fully flex, and this is due to their sportier and bulgier design ergonomics in comparison to the flatter SunGod Classics² sunglasses when folded. Yet they are definitely adventure-proof in terms of being able to brush off being dropped onto gravel, and can take on impacts in use, as they do have enough flex on these occasions. Additionally,  all the mud spattering accumulated in use can be washed off without causing the hinges any damage.


We went on an all studio cycling expedition and were relaying the SunGod PaceBreakers to one another in order to obtain a comprehensive overview of them on different sized heads. We all agreed that the subtlety of the general fit makes wearing them truly forgettable, in the best possible way. The rubber nose guard isn’t irritating for hours of continuous wearing and the ear socks are equally pleasant, feeling out of the way and allowing your head to breath and feel free. Thanks to the snappy hinge design, they hold well with no movement from fast paced activity and we would imagine they have enough general give throughout to flex across larger heads too. But as none of us have what would be considered large sized heads, we don’t know if the rubber arms eventually get annoying or not when under a little stress. 

How well do they work?

Whilst non-polarised lenses are offered for a £25 saving, we wouldn’t recommend anything other than the 4KO polarised lenses that also feature on our pair of SunGod Classics² sunglasses. Despite the warmer tone of the pace fire lens design on our PaceBreakers in comparison to our Classics² sunglasses subdued lenses, the clarity remains just as impressive. The promotion of an equalisation of white balance is helpful for the cycling we’ve been undertaking, especially on bright sunny days with lots of glare through woodland trees and along coastal paths. Furthermore, because of the larger sweeping lens design, the PaceBreakers basically eradicate any glare within the entire eye-line and also give UVA and UVB protection whilst doing so. A clearer general image makes seeing things like puddles, low tree branches and, most importantly, distant walkers more apparent. This is because the 4KO lenses increase the contrast of everything in the eye-line and this works well for distance perception too.

Because the lens and frame curve acutely lengthways and the lenses also contour downwards, travelling at great speed whilst trail cycling is made quite peaceful for the eyes, with little to no air friction coming into the space between the eyes and lenses. Despite this, the inner lens is still treated with an anti-reflective  coating, really minimising any opportunities for gaudy glare, and they don’t fog up either. At speeds when offending tiny stones and twigs begin to fly up from the cyclist in front, the 2mm polycarbonate core and tripled layer scratch protection does seem to be inherently scratch resistant, not even incurring any noteworthy light surface scratching from either impact or our somewhat lazy (dirty) finger wiping to clear the lenses en route.


You’ll forget you’re wearing the SunGod PaceBreakers sunglasses because this custom design doesn’t misbehave and move around at all with athletic sports; and we can keep pacing along cycling with a neutral colour balance of the world around us and there’s no glare on the brightest of days to distract our wide un-intruded view.


Four Stars