Helly Hansen Boyne Parka Review

Helly Hansen Boyne Parka Ivy Green Countryside Walk

Flown out of the Siberian-like Norwegian weather conditions to our UK studio, where the weather hasn’t been much better, comes the £180 Helly Hansen Boyne Parka. Full length, absolutely vegan with no animal down, and a much boosted style conscious design.


Our tester has always found parka styled garments to be bulky and not very well fitted, but on trying this new, size small, Helly Hansen Boyne Parka, it was apparent that this is not like other parkas. It's snug and cosy, and has a stylish design that rids bulk for a fitted appearance that is available in brunette, graphite or ivy green. The snug fit image is encouraged by drawstrings along the waist and bottom sections. It feels amazing too. The addictively soft almost suede-like material is one of the unique selling points of the Boyne Parka.

So what makes this a true parka you ask? Well, the big hood has an extra flap for greater protection and includes a draft collar with pull strings and buttons to keep heads warm and dry from the elements. There are main double YKK zippers at the front of the coat and these can be opened both up and down; useful to gain easy access when using a hiking backpack. But of course we need to keep the weather out and that’s where the Helly Tech protection outer layer comes in: a waterproof and breathable technology, it apparently stops water going in whilst moving moisture out - we reveal all later. Under all this, the Helly Hansen coat is padded with 60g vegan synthetic Primaloft insulation. 


In day to day use the Helly Hansen Boyne Parka is a great choice for dealing with British weather conditions. It feels like a snug cocoon that traps in the heat effectively with the aid of the Primaloft insulation. Despite a three quarter length design, it is not a parka that feels like it’s sagging on your body. In contrast to this it feels as if it’s wrapped around you, showing off a decisively lovely cut married with high quality materials. Added to this, the waist drawstrings both encourage a stylised fit and also help with keeping the cold away from your body too. And if you also tighten the drawstring at the very bottom of the parka, not even upward gusts will reach you. The hood can be tightened as well, and whilst being substantial isn’t the kind that’s guilty of flapping about. Again, the hood lining also has a lovely soft warmth.


We couldn’t have asked for better weather to challenge the Boyne Parka’s credentials. The temperature dropped to just below zero degrees in the UK, the rain hasn’t stopped coming and the wind has topped 100mph. What we can conclude is that the Helly Hansen Boyne Parka, whilst looking loveable, is absolutely up for outdoor adventures on cold winter days. It has thermal properties such as fibres that form air pockets, trapping the heat in and the cold out, which truly work in making anything from light winter strolls to viciously windy coastal treks a relatively warm and comfortable experience, even in temperatures hovering barely above freezing. Importantly, however, if you scoot into a warm shop, the coat's breathability regulates itself well, so you’re not left in a sweaty mess.

Helly Tech is a rather clever outer design finish that means, after you have been out in tremendous rain, the material is left dry in a few seconds as the bulk of the drips are repelled off the exterior - and for this your car seats and hall carpet will thank you. Most importantly, after four months of near daily usage, this coating remains as strong at repelling the rain as the day it arrived and it has been put through both harsh rain and heavy hail showers.

Helly Hansen Boyne Parka Ivy Green Side Profile View in Cornwall Countryside


All four pockets are designed with easy access in mind and are lined with a soft fabric. The two side pockets accommodate keeping hands warm and toasty, and the additional portrait pockets with buttons are super handy for immediate possessions like phones, wallet and keys for more security. These are even adequately sized for keeping your plus-sized smartphone within.

Helly Hansen Boyne Parka Ivy Green iPhone Pocket


Designed and developed in Norway, this parka's truly versatile and stylish design meets the current dismal British weather with trendsetting defiance. The Helly Hansen Boyne Parka is a must have for its category if you want a full length coat that can be equally worn in style around town or during a gusty wet weekend expedition trail.

Five Stars