SunGod Classics² 2 Sunglasses Review

SunGod Classics2² Sunglasses Lying on Beach with tide Approaching

SunGod offer a fairly straightforward array of three sunglasses models. We have the appropriately named £45 Classics² second generation and if you use our exclusive coupon code SLINKYSTUDIOS10 - you'll save 10%. They may look retro but are nuanced by features. So is this a simple one-stop shop for clarity in the sun with 4K optics?


Dubbed as being ‘adventureproof’, the triple-layer scratch resistant coated 100% UVA+UVB protected lenses and flexible cool matt finished frame that we have do not fail to impress. How often have you dropped a pair of sunnies into your back pocket only to forget later that they’re indeed being sat on. Well the SunGod Classics² are fit for such eventualities and generally enjoy being thrown around and getting wet as we’ve discovered first hand. We can, with great force, literally bend the arms, and when we let go the plastic is left unmarked and flicks back into shape. Of course, this firmly retro-styled design may look passive from the appearance of our self-designed pair - but that’s what we wanted. If you desire something different you can easily attain it! SunGod allow you to fully customise and alternate colours and tints - in fact, there are 14 different arms, fronts and lenses. What’s more, if you decide you’d like a different tint down the line or manage to get them severely beaten up, parts are easily available for £20.


Foremost the all plastic construction is lightweight which makes wearing the SunGod Classics² sunglasses rather unnoticeable. They hang around the ears well and feel very discrete on the nose. Likewise, whisking them on and off is no hassle - there’s no metal frame to bend and become slightly tacky or cling onto hair as we take them off. Plus once they’re off the head they can live inside a supplied microfibre carry pouch which doubles-up as a cleaning cloth.

Do they actually work?

Both budget and higher end sunglasses lenses can sometimes brighten up surroundings, but intensely sunny days mean clarity can still be lost with such a warm image, and these SunGod sunglasses produce a cooler view of the world. To put the 4KO polarised lenses in our SunGod Classics²’s into simple terms, they control white balance just like a photo editor. So our eyes perceive colour in greater neutrality and on excruciatingly sunny days the sunglasses almost entirely defuse glare. Just like a walking white balance filter, these too remove vagueness in the image by escalating life’s natural contrast, and we've specifically noticed that the image on the above mentioned sunny days is clear, which sounds odd but when we compared the SunGod Classics² to other sunglasses we have there's quite a stark difference. We can stare deeply into the distance and clearly see outlines of trees, waves, clifftops and the horizon, which might also be helped with these sunglasses having anti-reflective inner lens coatings. However, on these current colder autumn days, with occasions of glaring sunlight that encourage us to grab for the SunGod Classics² sunglasses whilst driving, etc., it was felt by us that having a warmer lens would be a benefit, making a less bleak feeling within the chilly atmosphere. So that’s worth keeping in mind when outside the summer season.


The SunGod Classics² are slim, light and boast day to day indestructibility which can even survive being sat on. We like the design customisation. We like the fact that the 4KO lenses are truly hard wearing and adjust life’s white balance for a cooler and clearer image. We like the fact that these lenses almost entirely defuse extreme glare and lesser glare is toast. And we like the straightforward choices of variants from SunGod that contrasts with the established names that are often a headache to understand.

Use our exclusive coupon code SLINKYSTUDIOS10 - you'll save 10%.

Five Stars