Mira Azora Electric Shower Review

Mira Azora Electric Shower

There really is nothing like an invigorating shower, and Mira has become synonymous with everything showering. This British company, based in Cheltenham, is constantly reviewing what it can offer in the way of innovation and improvement, and following on from our review of their Mira Leap Quadrant Shower Enclosure, we now install and try out the Mira Azora 9.8 kW Electric Shower at £585.60.

Appearance and Build Quality

There is no doubt that the Azora is one of Mira's most contemporary showers in looks and finish. The front of the shower is a solid piece of glass and the chrome finish on the controls, slide bar and shower head is deep and resilient. It comes well packed, with full instructions for installation and use. There is something very pleasing about the design of the Azora, which boldly replaces the old white plastic box image of electric showers, and reassuringly comes with a two-year guarantee.


The installation of the Azora is helped greatly by the fact that both the water and electric entry points can be from the top, bottom or rear of the unit. It comes with an installation template and is held to the wall with three screws. The wired connection must be carried out in accordance with wiring regulations and, of course, the unit must have RCD protection and a separate isolating switch. The water inlet is connected directly to the cold main water supply, which should also have an isolating valve, via a brass compression joint. The cover of the shower, with the glass front, is fastened to the unit with a further three screws, thus making the exterior watertight. Within the box is everything you need for the shower, with the smooth hose, slide-bar and shower head included. These are easy to fit and match the unit perfectly. 

Heat and Power Settings

We were genuinely not sure what to expect when we turned on the Mira Azora for the first time. Experience told us that instant electric showers are not all the same, with some failing to reach the anticipated temperature or pressure necessary for a pleasant showering experience. With that in mind, we pressed the on switch with a little trepidation. Immediately the Azora burst into life and we were able to adjust the temperature via the three heater settings available and the variable control setting for the water power. These are amazing - and very simple to use. We set our desired temperature and water flow, and throughout the showering process this never altered. This Mira shower is fitted with thermostatic control and the temperature remains stable regardless of someone flushing the toilet or running a cold water tap, and it also has a factory setting limit so that it cannot produce temperatures which could scald, thus making it very family friendly. Once you have set the two simple controls for your ideal shower experience, you can leave them, with just the need to press the on/off button each day.

Mira Azora Electric Shower Controls

Showering Experience

Once the temperature is set and we are ready to step in, the shower rail and shower head adjustments for the Mira Azora are smooth and easy to use. The clamp bracket to adjust the height of the shower head works with a simple quarter turn and the unusually smooth hose flexes well. There are four settings on the supplied shower head which are rain+, rain, burst and storm. These are genuinely different and effective. We liked the rain+ for a truly authentic shower that produces a good spread-out spray of water at a very pleasing temperature. The power of the flow at a fairly hot temperature amazed us and this remains the same whichever showerhead setting you use. This might be down to the 9.5kW electric input, but it definitely surpasses any electric shower we've previously used. We are left in no doubt that the Azora shower unit works perfectly, and the nozzle even has an easy rub clean finish, something which helps greatly, along with Mira's Clearscale technology which should reduce limescale by 50% in those areas where the water is hard. 

Mira Azora Electric Shower Water Flow from Shower Head.jpg


The Mira Azora Electric Shower is a bold and contemporary looking addition to any shower room or bathroom, and throughout our use it has produced and sustained the perfect temperature and water pressure direct from the cold water supply - all at the press of a button. We genuinely think this is the best and most pleasing showering experience we've ever had; well done Mira.