Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2017

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Finding it a little tricky to think of the perfect gift to give or maybe even something you'd like to receive this holiday season? Don't worry, we've put together our ultimate list of products we've independently reviewed in 2017. Our best in-class robot cleaner to automate the cleanup of your seasonal mess making, an electric bike conversion kit to perhaps encourage someone to take a healthier mode of transport to work. Plus the very latest sleep-tech, with mattress top picks and a light that will wake you up without the jolting alarm.

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Leave the mince pie crumbs for the robot to deal with this year. With a German design that’s serious about efficiency, this will reach the nooks and crannies under the tree and will lift those fallen pine needles as well. Simply put - it’s the best robotic cleaner we’ve used, leaving the competition in the dust. Our full review:


Opti-myst technology is a breakthrough for electric stoves, that will add cosy warmth to any home this Christmas without the accompanying chimney, wood, soot and smoke. Bringing ever-moving three dimensional flames, not through the old method of simply flickering the lights, but via actual rising vapours that appear magically as plumes of dancing flames. Our full review:


Earning the physically largest gift title on the list, this featured Mira bundle could be the genuine boutique quality your bathroom needs for the New Year. With quadrant panels and doors, and ultra-thin Flight Safe shower tray, its straightforward fitting and assembly can be done in under a day. Our full review:


A serious cordless cleaner that boasts a firm hour of battery life, with proficient performance for cleaning hard floors, carpets and furniture. All this within a traditional upright design that brings with it unique yet useful features like wireless controls on the wand and UV lighting to eradicate germs. Our full review:

Finally a mattress you can wrap up and leave under the tree, thanks to it being vacuum sealed in a box on arrival. The recipient will rejoice in a new level of what we refer to as ‘being enveloped in a cheesecake’, offering a soft yet firmly supportive sleeping experience. Our full review:


Another mattress in a box that is really clever and excellently manufactured, putting to bed (excuse the pun) any complaints from those who feel they miss the spring from the old metal sprung mattresses when they first try memory foam, thanks to a springy latex top layer which really works. Our full review:

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AmpliFi HD Mesh Wi-Fi System

Don’t let your network get in the way of streaming Netflix over the holidays. AmpliFi HD is the perfect networking solution, with a 90 second set-up, 24/7 rock solid reliability, coverage throughout a large home and rapid speeds. Our full review:


A speaker that dispenses room-packing sound from an exquisite wooden and glass design. It also  boasts the notion of using hand-based gestures instead of buttons to control your music playback - something we found very convenient when compared with physically obtrusive controls. Our full review:

Fancy ditching the jaunting alarm clock for a blend of soothing sounds with gradual sunset and sunrise lighting? We tested it and found it to be a more relaxing and natural approach to sleep. Our full review:


Keep those seasonal food and drink indulgences at bay with this top of the line smart Oral-B toothbrush. Kickstart a new dental hygiene regime with encouragement and information that improves oral health through App integration that manages your brushing technique. Our full review:


Capture the the season with an instant camera. It makes photography more meaningful and spurs an inner creativity with a mixture of manual adjustment features. Our full review:

A mini-boombox speaker choice that won’t fail to be heard over the Christmas dinner. Plus it has encouraging portability, with a unique hybrid stand/handle and 7 hours of battery life at serious volume levels. Our full review:

A handy stylish storage box also wirelessly charges these buds on the move, making them the perfect pop-in and out fuss-free commuter companions to allow full enjoyment of your music library. Our full review:


Wrap up toasty warm on your Boxing Day walk in this classic Rab smock which has just been re-released and is as distinctively fashionable as it is durable. Our full review:


Marking the 30th anniversary of Botta's one hand watch innovation, this is a symbolic luxury gift that’s a harmonious example of getting design right whilst also focusing on the essential legibility necessary for a one hand watch. Our full review:

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses (£178)

Whilst today's Ray-Ban Aviator releases are sturdier and feature better lenses for clarity and protection from the sun than their earlier counterparts, the basic design will never pale and doesn't need improvement. It’s an iconic shape embedded in popular culture for good reason. Our full review:

Keep your modern life organised on your shoulders with this unashamedly retro-styled water resistant canvas backpack. Our full review:

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The Loaded Icarus is a seasoned longboard that looks as good as it rides. Yes, it scores an impressive technical achievement with its deck design, but most importantly it’s a fun, free and unique ride that you’ll want to take everywhere with you this winter. Our full review:


Fancy some electrified assistance but you’re perfectly happy with your current two-wheeled companion? Perhaps a Dillenger street legal eBike conversion kit could be the answer, transforming your traditional pedal-powered steed into one with all the benefits of electric power. Our full review: