Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016 Graphic

For those looking for a little gift giving inspiration this holiday season take a peak at our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016. Here you’ll find a sleigh-brimming quantity of the best gift ideas taken from the products we’ve reviewed throughout 2016. Highlighting cordless tools, robots, carbon fibre longboards, kitchen appliances, smart home tech, folding bikes and a few toys for good measure, there's something for everyone.

Forget the boxing day walk and instead join the boxing day cycle with a bike that can take youeverywhere, thanks to a design that is as much about nimble compact foldability as it is about being a pleasure to ride. There’s little sacrifice needed: it’s got the gears to see it up hills, the speed to beat the clock to work and the manoeuvrability to safely leave stop-start traffic behind. Our full review:

Alternatively be reinvigorated by the youthful spirited speed of this adrenaline-pumping powered cycle exhibiting cutting edge eBike technology for a ride that is exciting, brave and clever in design terms. Our full review:

Every longboarder deserves this avant-garde part fibreglass longboard in their stocking. It’s a fresh, fun and complex longboard, that is genuinely skilled in most areas within the art of longboarding, keeping smiles on both seasoned pros and well intentioned novice's faces. Our full review:

Put it this way, in a scenario where money is no object and every desktop purifier is lined up - we’d run towards the Dyson Pure Cool Link every time. This sort of sums up everything you need to know about the genius and efficient brilliance of this appliance, from the blade-less design right through to the App. It’s the window to your home's atmosphere and it’s an appliance that doesn't just cool us all down - it cools us down with clean air! Our full review:

If you’re craving a Christmas Day mid-morning caffeinated pick me up, then choose from 21 pre-programmed international coffee specialities via the touch display and sit back whilst the Melitta grinds the beans, tamps the coffee, extracts beautifully rich espresso and textures the milk for integration autonomously. Our full review:

A blender equipped for every Christmas food & drink preparation task. Optimum have reimagined the blender to sport a cutting-edge easy to use touch display, a powerful 2,611 watt motor and a new jar design that works for you without the need to reach for a tamper. Our full review:

A smaller blender but one that is convenient in terms of immediacy, has dishwasher compatible cleanup and, loved by us, the functionality to pop a flip-top lid on a freshly made smoothie and shoot out the front door for the day! Our full review:

Everyone will want to help clearing up the Christmas non-recyclable waste with this fun and hygienic stylish high quality stainless-steel bin that has a self-lifting lid triggered by a sensor as you approach it. Our full review:

KitchenAid 7pc Professional Series Knife Set (£429)

KitchenAid 7pc Professional Series Cutlery Knife Set

A well equipped knife arsenal to cut, peel & chop your way though the Christmas food preparations. Each knife is perfectly balanced in the hand, providing crisp cuts that require little effort to work against and the ice-tempered blades mean longer lasting razor sharpness. After you've finished, KitchenAid have transferred their iconic stand mixer design ethos into a striking die-cast USA made worktop steel-forged block to store the set in.

This is the kind of invention that you can’t help but fall in love with. The Click & Grow Smart Garden is a novel and very simple way for everyone, regardless of garden size or free time, to enjoy growing and picking home grown produce themselves. Our full review:

Handpresso  Pump Set (£179)

This beautifully made set provides everything you need for an espresso fix on your Christmas walks. It makes the activity of creating espresso from either ground coffee or E.S.E. capsules on the go equally as speedy to do as making a cup from the harsh and lacklustre instant jar coffee. So for anyone who partakes in frequent outdoorsy activities where coffee cravings will occur, the Handpresso Pump is a durable and capable coffee gadget perfectly made for the occasion.

It’s the lightest cordless mower we’ve used, has an easy to fold lightweight design, is quiet in operation, creates stripes, has a really impressive lengthy 55 minute runtime, has high torque power that blasts through thick twigs, etc. and, as we’ve also discovered, it’s an excellent lawn vacuum cleaner in the autumn and winter months. Our full review:

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Brushless Drill/Driver

Simplify your DIY with this incredibly powerful brushless drill/driver that has the quality and feel of a tool that will last the test of time - and no plugs or wires anywhere! Our full review:

This opens the possibility of never having to push a lawnmower again. In fact, it’s one of the most feature rich robotic automatous product experiences we’ve shared yet, thanks to the genuinely useful deep App integration. It cuts grass, short or tall, with no issues and removes the necessity for owning a complimentary accompanying traditional lawnmower thanks to the App supporting virtual remote control functionality in smaller areas outside the boundary wire. Our full review:

The vacuum method is definitely the professional modern way to clean windows, and the Kärcher Cordless WV5 Premium Window Vac is a well-designed and manufactured piece of household equipment that will continue to clean windows and pick up liquid spillages well into the future. Our full review:

Something to potentially add a little festive lighting, with a pallet of playful colour and effects to decorate gardens. They charge in the day via an inbuilt solar panel. We like them a lot, but one isn't enough for the full effect and we feel even our duo is itching to be expanded! Our full review:

A fashionable cocoon for your body in the icy cold winter months, and it retains the practicality of being able to live in a compact bag when not needed. Our full review:

Play Michael Bublé’s festive renditions without any wires with these ear and eye pleasers. If you have more than one you can listen to Frosty the Snowman whilst peeling the carrots in the kitchen and have a different song streaming via AirPlay in the living room. Our full review:

Xtorm Evoke Solar Charger (£99.99)

As an outdoors and off the grid charging solution, with intentions of keeping smartphones and smaller devices topped up, it’s indispensable! It also earns the high accolade for being the most powerful portable solar charger we’ve reviewed yet. Our full review:

BrydgeMini Keyboard for iPad mini 1/2/3 (£99.99)

Anyone who has worked for years on traditional qwerty keyboards will cry for joy as they feel the keys depressing beneath their fingers in such a satisfying and positive way. This is a practical ‘bridge’ between your MacBook Pro or desktop Mac and your iPad - and it does this by cleverly turning your iPad into a miniature computer: ideal for on-the-go work. Our full review:

An engineering masterpiece and a pair of earphones that have the genuine impact of proper over-ear headphones! Our full review:

It turns out the smallest drone in the world has potential for huge amounts of fun! It’s a sensible taster drone, at just £29.99, to enjoy indoors and out. We particularly admired the compact controller design that conceals the drone for immediate flight wherever you are! Our full review: