AppBounty Review

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With the slogan of ‘play and get paid’, AppBounty an App which rewards its users with cash gift cards for downloading free apps on both iOS and Android devices, seems too good to be true or a scam, right? Use invite code Slinky on sign up and receive 50 credits free.

How It Works

The AppBounty App is clean in design and easy peasy simple to use. Upon launching the App, we’re shown a long list of free Apps available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play marketplace from which we can earn credits, each with a different allocated amount of credits awarded for downloading. New Apps are added to the list fairly frequently, so there's usually a reason to check back in every few days. The credits are only awarded if the App is used for around 30 seconds; a notification from AppBounty informs you when you've earned them, but we've experienced huge issues with this, which we'll get into shortly. An additional 250 credits can be earned from referring the service to friends via a unique invite code or url link.

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The variety of rewards you can redeem credits against is vast, with Amazon, PayPal, iTunes, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and FaceBook credits all on offer. Credits can be racked up very quickly when the tracking of the Apps downloaded works, which we have found around 60% of the time it doesn't. In theory a new user could download most of the Apps from the selection and soon be able download a $5 PayPal, Amazon or any other $5 gift card in a matter of minutes. But this just isn't the case in use and makes us feel like we're wasting our time.

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Why App Developers Do This

AppBounty isn't randomly selecting Apps to promote. Developers of the listed Apps are paying AppBounty to get people to download their Apps. It does appear somewhat too good to be true, as some App downloads can reward the point equivalent worth of one dollar. But with over one million dollars worth of rewards already paid out, we have found it to be a legitimate service that we have successfully redeemed Amazon and PayPal gift cards from repeatedly. 

Feature Points Vs AppBounty

Late last year we reviewed the Feature Points service, a competitor to AppBounty. A good portion of the Apps on both services overlap and re-downloads are sometimes awarded credits and other times not, via either service. Generally speaking, we feel AppBounty award roughly the same amount of credits for App downloads as FeaturePoints but the rewards are cheaper, with all $5 gift cards costing 2500 credits on AppBounty and 3000 points on Feature Points. Having said this, the tracking of App downloads is mostly successful through FeaturePoints and the referral system offered could prove more lucrative than AppBounty, as you earn half of all the points/credits earned by friends who sign up via you on Feature Points.


The AppBounty service should allow iOS and Android users the ability to discover free Apps and also earn cash rewards in the process. But the tracking of App downloads has just become worse and worse as we have used the service, so we'd strongly recommended FeaturePoints over it. If you do choose to sign up, do it via our our link or invite code Slinky to earn 50 credits free.

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