FeaturePoints App Review - Too Good to Be True?

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When we first caught word of FeaturePoints we couldn't quite believe that this application, available for both iOS and Android and able to be be used by anyone worldwide, could literally pay users to download Apps for their devices. But we were immediately proved wrong. Use referral code N3QCFM on sign up and receive 50 points free.

What exactly is FeaturePoints and how do I use it?

In some respects FeaturePoints is a lot like the hugely popular cashback service Quidco, only for free Apps. The App will present a list of free Applications, some of which you may already use or desire to download onto your device from the Apple App Store or Google Play marketplace. Each App states how many points can be earned from downloading and FeaturePoints will allocate the sum of points onto your account balance once you've opened it and used it for between thirty seconds to one minute. New Apps are being added on a frequent basis - so there's no shortage of content.

We've been using the service for a 2 years and have witnessed a nice steady stream of new Apps becoming available from which points can be earned. We've actually discovered a handful of Apps that we now use on a regular basis which we wouldn't have discovered without access to FeaturePoints. Furthermore we like the user interface of FeaturePoints - granted it has been refreshed since launch. It's simple and straight to the point. Apps begin downloading within seconds. We chose to use it via the App, but a web version which looks and acts nearly identically to the App is accessible too.

What are the Rewards?

The earned points can be redeemed for actual money via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Starbucks credit, PlayStation Network credit, Xbox credit, iTunes gift cards, Pokémon GO PokeCoins. We've redeemed points for PayPal & gift cards! You can also redeem points against a wide range of apps. At present a new account holder could download Angry Birds for free for iOS by downloading two to three of the highest awarded Apps. We like just how quickly it's possible to rack up points, but that's not where earning points ends. You can get friends and family members to sign up via your referral link or code. Once others sign up via your own account and begin downloading Apps, you'll earn half of their points each time they download an App too. Additionally an extras tab has been added to FeaturePoints as of recent and large quantities of points can be captured from completing level and objectives in games, using special offers and completing surveys.

Feature Points Rewards

Is it safe?

By now you may be puzzled as to just what FeaturePoints gets out of all this. After entering our PayPal email address we did have suspicions that we'd receive spam emails to the said email account - as a method of monetisation for FeaturePoints. 3 years on we haven't noticed any increase in junk mail. It would appear the service is almost exclusively funded by App developers who pay to have their Apps featured to incentivise users into checking out their creations and to help boost them up the charts. Anyone can submit their Apps to the service. As mentioned recently offers, surveys and other extras have been added to the service as a means to earn additional points. We're not the biggest fans of the survey style of rewards because this is where email address and contact information is often requested and sold on via third parties. We'd personally be hesitant to dabble with anything in the survey section that's too unknown.


We like FeaturePoints. It's proven itself to be a reliable, safe and trustworthy service over the past three years. Last time we checked, a lot of Apps had been downloaded by smartphones and tablets owned right across the world. Frequent App downloaders, as well as those looking to discover and earn, will find FeaturePoints doubly useful. Sign up today via this link http://featu.re/N3QCFM or use this referral code N3QCFM upon sign up and receive 50 points for free.

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