Quidco Review - Earn Cashback Online & In-Store

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Cashback services are gaining much attention now. They've been around for a while but thanks to the likes of Martin Lewis and other deals websites, the services are now firmly in the general public eye. We've tried many cashback websites and our definite favourite is the Quidco cashback service. Sign up via our link and earn an instant £2 on your account.

Is Quidco Safe & How Does It Work

A big question that many ask frequently, is whether Qudico is safe? And the simple answer to that is yes it is. It's also a very straightforward service which saves you money via a literal simple click. Quidco's website displays thousands of cashback offers. (Cashback is a percentage or set amount discount on your purchase.) Find something you want to purchase online, like you usually would, but before checking out search Quidco to see if the retailer is offering cashback. If they are, click their link on the Quidco site and you'll be taken back to the retailer's website. Checkout as normal after you've been taken to their site via Quidco and the cashback will track back to you. Generally this takes a few hours before it shows up on your account.

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Which Brands Offer Cashback

The variety of brands and companies offering cashback is very diverse, with over 3,500 currently engaging with the service. Grocery shopping, insurance, TV, mobile broadband subscriptions, Amazon, the big online outlets, utilities and a great deal more, are promoting via cashback. New retailers are being added all the time, with ever fluctuating cashback rates. On some occasions you can profit from Qudico without spending any money, for instance the mobile network GiffGaff have been offering the chance to earn £1 for simply ordering a free SIM card which takes around a minute.

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Getting Paid

Payment of the money within an account is paid on a regular basis. Some retailers take longer to complete your cashback than others, but they always give an estimated payment date. This is why Quidco have a premium service which takes the first £5 of your balance on an annual basis; it pays quicker, is ad free and has quicker support and bespoke offers. It may not seem worth giving away your first £5, if you're earning double figures a year and is better tailored for the more impatient and higher earning cashbackers.

Our Results

We've been using the service for three years and it's saved us hundreds of pounds. Avid and occasional online shoppers will likely benefit alike from Quidco; after all, it's basically free money. The customer support is very helpful too, nearly all of our cashback tracks without hiccup, but occasionally something goes wrong. The friendly folks over at Quidco fixed dodgy tracking that occurred with some retailers quickly. The retailers in question did have a lower than normal tracking reliability, something which Quidco displays for every retailer.

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In-Store Cashback & Extras

Quidco also houses up to date voucher/coupon codes and deals too, making it our go-to hub for all our online discounts. One of the most interesting recent additions to the service is its presence within the high street. Take your smartphone or tablet into stores and earn money (usually 10p-20p) from literally just stepping into them. Plus, if you register your debit or credit card, you can earn convenient cashback instore when applicable; it's a no brainer. And sometimes when used in conjunction with the Quidco App, available for iOS and Android devices, you can earn bonus cashback instore as well.


Quidco is the UK's number one cashback service and we can see why. It's trustworthy, houses up to date vouchers and deals, offers a massive amount of retailers with attractive cashback, tracks nearly all our attempted cashback attempts and when it doesn't we can rely on the helpful Quidco customer support. Also the potential in connecting physical shopping experiences with a seamless layer of online saving opportunities, which has been highlighted as the reason Quidco has increased its user base so significantly in the last year is super exciting. Sign up via our link and earn an instant £2.

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