Geekbench 2 iPhone Review

You may already be familiar with Geekbench for the Mac or PC. Geekbench basically runs a series of tests throughout a systems hardware and then conducts results which forms an overall score. This score reflects the power and potential of the hardware and software integration ability basically, kind of like the BHP on a car.

Geekbench is probably the most trusted benchmark out there, so it was quite exciting to see it land on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The App is very simplistic in the way Primate Labs chose to design it and once launched you are met with the systems information. Listing the processor, amount of memory, OS and model number.

Then you run the benchmark test which takes about twenty seconds and the App presents a final score and lists in great detail the specific tests that were carried out. Before running the test you should make sure that no other Apps are running at the same time alongside Geekbench, so it gives out the fairest score. 

I tested Geekbench on both my iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd Generation. The scores were very interesting with the iPhone 4 scoring the highest which was pretty obvious but the iPod Touch was no slouch and lagged behind just barely with a score of 285. I submitted each score to the Geekbench database which is another cool little feature this App has and found that my iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 3rd Gen were faster than many many other computers like Dell's and HP's (granted they were about 4 years old) but it's still very impressive to see how the mobile world is moving so fast, especially the Apple side.

Overall I did like Geekbench for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but that's probably because I'm a little sad and like to know this kind of useless information. The price is the only let down with it being $4.99. It should be more like 99c or free and Primate Labs could possibly make up the money by distributing iAds within the App.