Einhell Power X-Change GE-CM Cordless Lawnmower Review

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Einhell have decided to create an ecosystem of cordless tools marketed as 'Power X-Change'. The backbone principle of this range is that one battery fits all. This has many benefits, the biggest being that if you already own an Einhell Power-X Change tool, you can save money by purchasing further tools without the included batteries. We've been sampling one of the most ambitious of the range, the Einhell Power X-Change GE-CM 36 Li Cordless Lawnmower.

Design & Features

Right away you'll notice that in every aspect the Einhell Power X-Change GE-CM Cordless Lawnmower is a serious lawnmower; it hasn't been diluted and instead is well prepped. With blissfully easy spring mechanised 6 level cutting (25-75mm) height adjustment, a flap on the 40 litre grass box which stops blowing upwards to indicate when it's full, and snappy handlebar adjustment (unfortunately are prone to paintwork rubbing off and rusting) too, it is pretty refined apart from the handles. Even storing and carrying this lawnmower has had much thought paid to it, with the handle neatly folding on top of the main body. And a separate carry handle moulded onto the main unit assists with carrying the lawnmower; which is quite substantial at 17 Kg.

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Battery Life & Charging

Two Power X-Change high grade Lithium-ion 18v/3Ah batteries are included with the mower, with a combined voltage of 36v. The triple rubberised batteries can independently think for themselves thanks to a microprocessor, which prevents overloading and overheating, prolonging their lifespan. It also manages each battery cell individually whilst (with two mountable charging cradles included) they are charging, ensuring both receive a full charge in the one hour it takes. You can also check on how much juice is left via a three bar LED display reading, but one quibble we have about this is that the button which is required to retrieve this reading is difficult to press. Einhell claim that the two batteries at full charge can cut 300 square metres of lawn. From our usage the battery lasts for roughly 35-40 minutes on a full charge, easily enough time to cut small to medium sized garden lawns in one sitting. To cut all the lawns around our studio we require the batteries to be recharged once.

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Freedom Of Cordless

With the Einhell Power X-Change GE-CM Cordless Lawnmower there's no cables and extension leads to think about, so you've got the freedom of a petrol lawnmower without the maintenance and much less noise volume (just 90db). It's a monumentally more convenient setup process. We can whip the lawnmower out of the shed and begin cutting grass in seconds and the same zippiness can be seen when we're putting it away. A very important point to note is that whenever we use a chorded lawnmower it's always at the back of our minds that we may accidentally run over the chord - so one of the substantial benefits of losing the chord is the improved safety.

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Usability & Performance

We formed our judgement of its cutting quality (36cm cutting width) and ease of use on our grounds of varied flat, sloped and, in some areas, severely rough lawns. Generally speaking, the Einhell Cordless Lawnmower is highly mobile and silky smooth to push along, particularly on rough grounds thanks to its high rear wheels. Our hands didn't get fidgety either, because there are soft foam wraps around the adjustable handle for a comfortable grip.

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To conduct a good initial power test we inserted the batteries and safety key and steered the Einhell Lawnmower onto some overgrown grass of roughly 15-20cm in height (not average, we know, but a good test). We quickly and easily selected the second cutting height and the lawnmower had no trouble cutting through the thick overgrown grass with regard to its pure power, but the grass did tangle the blade on occasion; and this is detected by the lawnmower which engages an automatic stop on the motor to avoid damage. 

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Whether with damp or dry grass, twigs or weeds, etc, the Einhell Power X-Change GE-CM Cordless Lawnmower has no issues cutting and collecting these into its grass box, or optionally it will mulch from the rear of the lawnmower when the grass box isn't connected. The quality of the cut on both rough and flat lawns was excellent too, leavinglawns looking smooth and tidy. In fact, the cut is one of our most favoured things about this lawnmower, because it easily stands its own against both electric and petrol lawnmowers in this area.

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There's no doubt that Einhell are onto a winner with this lawnmower and the Power X-Change system, plus they're standing firmly behind it with a 2 year warranty. We've tried the future of lawn mowing and we like it a lot! It's robustly built and is efficiently mobile, has lots of top useful features (folding mechanism of handles are the weakest point) and a long enough battery life of 35-40 minutes to cut most small to medium sized garden lawns in one interval.

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