iSkin Solo Case for iPhone 5 Review

The iSkin Solo case for the iPhone 5 has a jelly/ rubberised design. It's translucent but not quite enough to see the rear of the iPhone 5 through. It's available in four vibrant shades of black, pink, blue and green.

The case is very easy to apply onto the iPhone 5, due to that jelly like flex. The interior of the case is soft, preventing harm coming to the back of your iPhone 5. The fit is snug width ways but length ways is a little loose and we were actually able to feel the iPhone move up in down the case simply via tilting it. A huge flaw that is a little alarming, as the Solo series of cases has always been held in quite high regard.

Using the iPhone 5 within the Solo feels incredibly comfortably, the rear has a smooth glossy yet grippy texture and the sides exclude the gloss. The Solo is relatively thin in thickness too, so the iPhone 5’s remarkably thin design is conserved, which also conveys well in the hands. I love that the screen isn't hindered by the case, the bezel is left uncovered allowing for free flowing usage. Plush anti bacterial protection is provided with the use of Microban technology.

Due the rubbery martial used to construct the case, it packs a little shock absorbency. So bigger impacts such as drops are going to be better dealt with, however the loose fit which allows the iPhone to slide about could disadvantage the phone on impact. The sides and back are nearly 100% covered, so they are in turn protected against scratches and knocks. The screen however is totally exposed. I liked using the case in my pocket but the rubber attracts fine bits of inside pocket material and generally is a culprit for attracting dirt/ muck, I think this might be a static thing.

Because the case offers more conservative protection of the sides. Volume rockers and the sleep/ wake button are covered but are still functional with a carbon copy prints within the case. Cutouts for the mute switch, rear camera/ flash and bottom speakers, lightning port and audio jack are precise. The rear of the case actually divides the features of the iPhone 5 as seen in photo below. The iSkin Solo also houses two holes on each side on the bottom of the case, to be used with wrist straps.

Overall we loved the feel and look of the iSkin Solo case for iPhone 5. But the loose fit discourages us from recommending it if you're looking for a skin like case for the newly launched phone.