OtterBox Reflex Series Case for iPhone 5 Review

OtterBox have another killer case release here. The Reflex Series is consecutively a truly superb case, upon every device it's crafted for. This entry for the iPhone 5 parts itself from other two part design cases on the market.

The primary reason for this is the protection offered. Each corner of the case has a crumple zone, essentially pockets of air. OtterBox calculated that most drops of a device such as an iPhone, land on the corners. The crumple zone will distill impact and leave an undamaged device. It works, hard surfaces such as concrete can be tackled from around five foot. The one big issue that can't be mended is the front screen which is totally bare. A screen protector of decent quality is included with the case, but won't prevent serious impact upon the screen. However the cases bezel protrudes a slightly above the screen, so in the event of the iPhone 5 landing face down in the Reflex, the screen won't make contact with a flat surface. As I've stated in previous OtterBox Reflex reviews, it's overall protection is near equal to to the Defender Series. But is notably slimmer.

The exterior design is stylish. Matte plastic is the primary construction material, featuring strips of rubber on the rear and rubber outer coatings on each of the corners crumple zones. The protective design is present but isn't obvious, resulting in quite a fashionable outfit for the iPhone 5 that comes in a nice variety of colours. This use of rubber and matte plastic also combines to make for a very comfortable experience. The edges don't dig into the hands with prolonged usage and the exterior materials aren't deceptive to dirt and grease. Another element I really adore, is the slim front bezel. It preserves the iPhone 5's screen and bezel to be used without any inconvenient obstructions.

The interior isn't lined in a fabric and is instead just bare plastic, worrying to me at first. But because the case is a snug fit, not tight, this wasn't a problem. I haven't yet experienced any marks or scratches inflicted upon my iPhone 5 after two weeks of usage. And I've been frequently removing and applying the case, it effortlessly glides on and off.

The case protects the sleep/ wake button and volume buttons via in case artificial replicas. They're very easy to find and use without looking at the case but are relatively stiff when the case is newly applied, it needs a few days of usage to break in. The rear camera and flash are precisely cut out, with allowed extra space for the lens to acquire light for the best possible captured photos and videos. The stereo speakers, Auxiliary input and Lightning Connector, are all completely cutout along the bottom. The Lightning charge and sync cable can be plugged in while the iPhone 5 is in the Reflex but accessories and docks will most likely require the removal of the bottom part of the case. The two part design of the Reflex makes this effortlessly easy to do.

OtterBox have done it again. The Reflex Series for the iPhone 5 is an ideal case to acquire if you want serious protection alongside a slim and stylish design.