Jelly Belly Scented Earphones Review

Jelly Belly are known for their amazing, very diverse flavoured jelly beans and now a pair of earphones has been released under their name.

The stereo Jelly Belly Earphones are built with an in-line mic which is notably light weight and stylish in that it's shaped like a Jelly Bean. This also doubles as a remote. It enables the very convenient ability of pausing/ playing music and skipping tracks, but doesn't allow for the adjustment of volume. As it comes with a decent microphone it would be useful for answering calls too. The earphones too are shaped like jelly beans. It also comes with a clip that can be fastened to your clothing, for out and about usage. The style is very quirky but is also run of the mill in terms of construction and materials used.

They come in range of different colour schemes, each colour corresponds with the scented flavour of the buds. We have the Very Cherry and the scent definitely reflects the flavour and is supposed to last over several months, so far it's held up well. A good selection of four easily interchangeable sized silicone tips ranging from small to large in size, are included within the box. I found the smallest tips fitted my ears, staying firmly fixed from any fast movement I made. Comfortability wasn't an area I had any complaints in, the light earphones coupled with the firm fit made them pleasant to wear.

After using the Jelly Belly Earphones for three weeks, the conclusion I have unfortunately come to is that audio performance is dreadful and deflated any high hopes previously had for the product. Priced at a very low £14.99 they don't even warrant this pricing bracket, the Maroo Timaru Earbuds are a better option in the price range. These earphones generated an underwhelming audio output, with a flat bass, weak treble and an overall tinny and hallow sound at times, displayed across a wide selection of genres. The simple absence of depth, therefore presents an unsatisfactory musical listening experience. Sound insolation is poor too, with firm leakage when volume is cranked up.

Overall these earphones may aesthetically hold some charm but the audio performance displayed isn't anything to shout about.