CaseCrown Chameleon Glider Case for iPhone 4 Review

Right off the bat a screen protector along with a pretty swagajag cleaning cloth is included, these are always nice additions with any iPhone case.

The exterior design is a very clean cut yet elegant one. The lines and curves just look so awesome among the Chameleon color work. The edges have a stylish grooved lines in the middle which don’t just look good they help grip your iPhone 4 when holding. Coming in three very classy colors green, blue and red all are deep and look very different with the angle and lighting conditions.

The interior is lined with felt which helps to keep your iPhone safe from scratches within the case. The Glider is a two part design so you snap it apart slide your iPhone 4 inside and then snap the bottom on. This all works well and gives you the easy ability of docking your iPhone 4 with simply snapping the bottom off. Also unlike many two part cases this is very tight around the iPhone so when sitting in your pocket the pieces won’t move apart.

Functionality is accessible. Volume rockers, headphone jack, sleep and wake button and 30 pin dock connector are all cut out within the case and are very nice and easy to use. The camera is also cut out but apparently the case increments anti-flash glare which we have yet really realise what that means or does.

Protection of your iPhone 4 is quite good. The corners of the Glider are bulky so drops onto corners shouldn’t be to much of an issue. The whole case is covered in a very rugged plastic which has a bit of a bounce to it. This is the perfect case for being in your pocket, it’s very slim and can easily with-stain anything in your pocket like keys. Actually CaseCrown claim that it’s scratch resistant which I was skeptical of at first but after taking a knife to the case with my iPhone 4 inside I can safely say that it’s scratch resistant.

With awesome exterior design in both looks and use and great functionality topped off with rugged protection the CaseCrown Chameleon Glider case for the iPhone 4 is one of the best two part design cases on the well matured market.