GelaSkins for iPhone 5 Review

After two months of use. We have finally compiled our review on the GelaSkins for the iPhone 5.

I can definitely understand the appeal of using a skin, especially with an iPhone 5. It preserves the design and at the same time provides outer body protection.

One of the very positive selling points is the ease of application, due to the firm stick, that is always easily pealed off and isn't left behind on the surface of the iPhone. A total of three skin pieces are provided. One for the rear of the iPhone and two for the top and bottom of the front. Before applying any type of skin onto an iPhone, make sure the device is wiped down and clean and that the applicants hands are also clean. The rear piece is the easiest to apply, I seemed to consecutively line it square up, in around two-three attempts. It's always helpful to use the camera hole as a point of reference. The two front pieces were a little more challenging and fiddly aligning. But it's not a worry, the sticky technology doesn't deteriorate from removing and re-applying, so you can get it just right.

Of the four GelaSkins prints we have, each is beautifully printed and hard wearing. After two months of usage the prints haven't faded or shown any signs of visual wear. But have displayed minimal pealing around the edges and therefore lost stick, we're talking a fraction of a millimetre. Caused mainly from keeping the iPhone in a pocket.

The selection of prints from different artists is brilliant. My favourites are the Blue Robot by Petit Collage and Goed by Alex Norlega. But you'll find it hard to choose only one from the selection on offer. If you'd like a little individual flare, the ability to design your own skins is available.

A nice addition that is bundled with every skin, are downloadable wallpapers to match the skin designs. They're retina quality and specially sized for the iPhone 5's 4 inch screen.

With regard to protection, these skins are only going to guard against scratches. Harm from drops and heavy bumps won't be very different with or without the skin attached. Also no screen protector is included, so the screen is still totally bare, which is well worth keeping in mind. However because the skins are only 1mm in thickness, the iPhone 5 will still fit in many cases with them attached.

The feel of using the phone with the skins attached is basically identical to using an iPhone 5 bare, with the exception of a slightly glossier back where the aluminium is. One of the huge advantages I enjoyed from using the skins was full un-cumbersome access to inputs and buttons.

To sum up the GelaSkins for iPhone 5 act as a stylish scratch shield. We feel the $14.99 price is also a fair.